This painting trend makes stripe(s) apart on the walls!

A wave of seventies colors is sweeping over the wall decor. Clever color gradient, in shades or rainbow style – seasonal in this month of pride – stripes and bands make the wall to better energize it. Decryption of this painting trend that we will see everywhere!

On Pinterest, Instagram and in the pages of decoration magazines, we see popping these funny wall waves. Whether painted by mural artists or homemade by individuals like you and me, these bands of colors brighten up our interiors and our hearts. And their little air seventies which is not displeasing to us quite the contrary! Want to get started and adopt this wall trend? Follow the guide and remember that the only limits to the realization of this kind of colorful murals are those of your imagination.

First of all, take the time to assess the place your work will occupy. A good technique to do this?

  1. Take pictures of your walls, print them and draw on them freehand or using a ruler the shape you are going to create there. Once you’re happy with it, all you have to do is outline it life-size on your wall.
  2. A little time-consuming, this step will require patience and meticulousness. Using masking tape, trace the outlines of your strips and the interior of each of them afterwards. Let the night take care of you and wait until the next day to start painting.
  3. Place your furniture and everything that will come to life in front of this fresco. If you like the layout and the colors chosen too, let’s go!
  4. See to paint the strips from the outside inwards leaving to dry for the indicated time. Apply from two to three coatsdepending on the desired rendering and intensity.

There you go, your walls have taken on new colors and your decor has been personalized to your liking without blowing the budget.

Where can I find a rainbow wall sticker?

Lazy to make this wall decoration yourself or simply because your landlord does not allow you to paint the walls of your apartment, here are adhesive alternatives ! At Made of Sundays, manufacturer of wall stickers made with love in Finland with French paper and repositionable, we love this rainbow larger than life (left).

© Made of Sundays / LilinMomo on Etsy / BabiesDecor on Etsy

And on Etsy too, many creators are offering their versions of the sticker in the colors of the rainbow. Among them, we set our sights without hesitation on the models of LilinMomo (in the center above) and BabiesDecor (in mineral shades on the far right)! As for prices, count from 60 to more than 100 euros for the decorative stickerdepending on the dimensions.

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