Pleins Phares Ep.14: how to recognize radar cars?

In this new episode of Pleins Phares, you will discover less polluting lithium batteries, and a technique for spotting radar cars.

Like every Monday, Pleins Phares is back with a new issue dedicated to automotive news. Motorsport, politics, manufacturer news, we tell you everything. In this new episode, we are interested in the company Viridian Lithium which proposes a new technique for the design of lithium batteries. Will battery production be less polluting in the future? Answer in this new episode of Full Headlights.

Carbon-free lithium, stickers for radar cars, and Canadian GP

This is a subject that embarrasses manufacturers and advocates of the electric car. How to produce less polluting batteries ? Today, lithium is extracted directly from the ore, using a very energy-intensive and environmentally unfriendly technology. Faced with this problem, the French company Viridian Lithium may have the solution. Operational by 2024, the plant will offer batteries designed from salts extracted from brines produced in Argentina or Chile. A less energy-consuming and more ecological technique, we develop the process and what it would change on the market in this podcast.

In a few weeks, the French will start going on vacation. With as a new threat on the roads the presence of radar cars. A motorist’s association proposes a device for spot those unmarked vehicles. We explain everything to you in Pleins Phares.

Finally we will come back to the Grand Prix of Canada which was held this weekend. New show of force for Max Verstappen which takes off in the drivers’ classification. Red Bull confirms its great form of the moment (despite the abandonment of Sergio Perez) and puts Ferrari at a distance. The Monegasque Charles Leclerc meanwhile made a great comeback during the racewhich allows him to remain in the game for the final title.

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