Monaco invaded by thousands of bus spotters!

Every year, in the bend of Fairmont, fans jostle to attend Top Marques Monaco. This is a golden opportunity not to be missed. Enthusiasts even came from afar, just for a few photos. Who are they ?

Car enthusiasts know this very well; the passion for cars has no limits. Any supercar lover would be willing to pay an entrance ticket of several hundred euros to capture or admire rare, very rare vehicles. Some have even converted this passion into a profession…

What is a car spotter?

Have you ever heard the term ” car spotter »? Indeed, it is about a person who practices the car spotting. It is a very popular activity, which consists of photograph a luxury car with its owner. These car spotters visit grand palaces, luxury hotels, where they can meet unique supercars and take pictures of them. The most famous places for this activity are: London, Cannes, Paris, Geneva, Zurich, Los Angeles and especially Monaco. The goal is to take as many photos as possible, then share them on social networks.

Young people more and more won over by car spotting

During this edition of Monaco Top Brands 2022 held last week, spotters were even more numerous than two years ago. This is manifested by the younger generation increasingly present! And more specifically, around the corner of Fairmont to take a nice photo. These unconditional enthusiasts come from all over. They crossed all of France, and even all of Europe to be able to take advantage of these few days of show. Take night photos, meet new and rare models, meet the biggest brands, such as Bugatti.

Car spotters, but also influencers!

There are also influencers in terms of car spotting. These influencers take videos/photos of the luxury cars and then share them on their social networks. Share, so that enthusiasts and fans who cannot afford to travel to the Principality can take advantage of it. This represents a considerable growth factor for the influencer! Capture the moment T which will be seen as much as possible.

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