Cyndie (MAPR 6): why she "put the holas" with Jauffrey

Tonight, you will find out if the marriage between Cyndie and Jauffrey held, in the program Married At First Regard on M6. While the suspense is at its height, Cyndie, interviewed by Télé-Loisirs, explained why there had been no physical rapprochements between them on the honeymoon…

Cyndie, 33 year and Jauffrey, 39, stay married? Nothing is less sure. If the viewers have to wait a little longer before knowing it, the euphoria already seemed to have flown away on their return from their honeymoon. Back in France, Cyndie had decided to join Jauffrey in Marseille for a weekend. A getaway that did not go as she had hoped. Asked by Tele-Leisurethe young beautician confided behind the scenes, between disputes and disappointments…

Cyndie evokes her doubts: “I did not want to give myself”

From their honeymoon Cyndie has doubts about Jauffrey’s intentions and prefers to remain on restraint. “By mutual agreement, at the honeymoon we still discussed. It gives the impression that we didn’t talk about it but we discussed it anyway. During the honeymoon, I didn’t want to give myselfshe explained.

The young woman preferred to take her time: “I needed to know his sincerity and whether he was really ready. So, I preferred to dig, to know if he was ready, I wanted to know what he expected from this experience, if he really wanted to have a woman in his life, especially if he was ready“, she reported to Tele-Leisure.

Cyndie (MAPR): “I protected myself”

Troubled by the turn taken by the relationship with her young husband, the bubbly brunette preferred to maintain a distance and avoid having a physical rapprochement.That’s why I preferred to put the holas on our relations during the honeymoon. I was eager to get back into our everyday life to see what he had to give us, if he was ready to build something. I protected myself because I had super painful relationships, I came across boys who sold dreams and who were not sincere with me. I wanted to do things differently“, she explained.

A “very embarrassing” weekend in Marseille

His doubts were confirmed when the candidate of Married at first sight arrived at Jauffrey’s in Marseille for the weekend. The ex-swimmer received his new wife in an apartment… without a toilet. A detail that surprised Cyndie a lot, but also internet users. “It was very embarrassing, I feel a little uncomfortable” she explained to Tele-Leisure.

And to add: “He had told me beforehand that he would do little things to repair his WC, to assemble furniture; so that I don’t arrive in an apartment in this state. It was already very inconvenient because there was no toilet, for a woman it is quite complicated. The course of the toilet as a couple is always a complicated moment. And when it doesn’t work…“.

“I peed in the shower”

In this context, Cyndie was quickly disillusioned. “I did not want to be mean but I see at this time, the apartment of an immature man. As I was already wondering beforehand whether he was ready, That answers some of the questions I was wondering“, she confessed.

So how did Cyndie manage a whole weekend without a bathroom? She swings! “We had a restaurant for lunch so that I could go to the toilet and concretely I peed in the shower before going to bed”she remembered with humor.”. To be continued in the next episode…

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