Audi is suing Chinese automaker Nio

Audi is taking legal action against Nio, the Chinese electric car maker. The German manufacturer criticizes its Chinese competitor for not respecting trademark law.

Nio is one of the very many Chinese car manufacturers. Among these, some have already crossed the threshold of our borders, like Seresof MG with its wide range or even aiways. However, like most other Chinese manufacturers, Nio has not yet penetrated the french market. Nevertheless, Nio gradually launched in Europe and established itself in Norway last year. And the Chinese manufacturer does not intend to stop there since it has already revealed that it wants to penetrate other countries, most of which are in northern Europe: the Swedenthe Denmark or even the Netherlands who love electric cars.

Arrival in Germany

Even more ambitious, Nio has also indicated that he intends to settle in Germany. On the very lands of the German automakers, the Chinese manufacturer had already unveiled one of its models at the IAA show last September. Was it the limit not to cross? Always is itAudi has just announced legal action against Nio.

No to ES7!

The reason for this lawsuit is the alleged violation of Audi’s trademark rights, according to the German newspaper Handelsblatt. According to Audi, Nio’s decision to name two of its models ES6 and ES8 infringes Audi’s trademark for its own model designations S6 and S8. In the range of Nio, the ES6 and ES8 are SUVs while the Audis S6 and S8 are the sports versions A6 and A8 sedans.

Yes to ET7?

Last March, Nio announced that it wanted enter the German market during the last quarter of the year. At that time, Nio had indicated that the ES8 electric SUV would not be the first model launched. Lhe Chinese manufacturer would launch the large sedan ET7 first. Later, it should be followed by another lower segment sedan competitor, the ET5. In this case, does Audi could let the Chinese manufacturer establish itself on its national market? The future will tell.

A precedent in France

This is not the first time that a traditional European manufacturer has tackled a newcomer. Polestar was to start marketing its vehicles in France at the start of 2021, but the Swedish brand, now independent of Volvo, is still banned in France. According to Citroën, the problem comes from the strong resemblance between the Citroën logo and that of Polestar even if the rafters are not positioned in the same way.

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The Chinese manufacturer has just unveiled the Nio ES7, its new 100% electric SUV: available in several versions, it promises up to 850 km of autonomy!

The Chinese manufacturer is taking an important step in its history, with the milestone of 200,000 electric models produced.

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