This year, Top Marques was eagerly awaited by luxury car enthusiasts, after two long years of absence. The resurgence of this event has brought to light hundreds of luxury car models, each more incredible than the next…

Top Marques: the unmissable show for the cars of tomorrow!

Created seventeen years ago under the patronage of Prince Albert II of Monaco, Top Marques is undoubtedly the most prestigious Motor Show in the world.e. All the big names in the automobile are taking part. And those who want to afford a supercar have the privilege of being able to take the track of the Monaco Grand Prix circuit. This year’s edition was marked by the opening of a space dedicated to vintage cars, in collaboration with Retromobile… but not only!

MC One: a flying car?

the Mc One phenomenon made a strong impression on the minds of visitors to Top Marques. MC One is an electric flying machine, manufactured by MC Clicwhich is none other that a Monegasque manufacturer specialized in the manufacture and design of drones. This e-VTOL weighs 160 Kilos and looks like a giant drone. The machine is equipped with 8 electric motors as well as several propellers that allow him to reach a top speed of 120 to 140 km/h and an acceleration of 17 meters per second. Mc One will be able to fly for about twenty minutes if the conditions are optimal.

A toy for the lucky

The pre-orders of MC One debuted on June 8. On the other hand, deliveries could not begin until next year. The model is sold between 140,000 and 180,000 €. Eh yes ! an exceptional price for an exceptional vehicle! The device is manually piloted and would be very easy to handle.

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