Something to make us appreciate the summer even better!

What’s this?

Next-generation screens can merge skincare, make-up and broad-spectrum protection. “So-called “urban” sunscreen products differ from recreational protection (for the beach and sports activities) by their textures and properties similar to everyday cosmetics.

They can replace moisturizer, complexion corrector or make-up base,” explains Isabelle Villeneuve, biochemist, dermocosmetologist and vice-president of strategy, innovation and quality at Laboratoire Dr Renaud.

How to choose?

We are looking for an SPF of at least 30 to protect against UVB rays, in addition to the mention “broad spectrum” (or circled UVA logo) to fight against free radicals which cause premature aging of the epidermis. Then, we bet on a pleasant texture, because the best sun protection is the one we will like to offer ourselves every day!

It’s up to us to choose between mineral or organic filters – both are effective in terms of protection. Finally, we can now add to the equation a care function that targets our skin concerns, for example nourishing, unifying, calming or regenerating the skin. “The new sunscreens indeed contain ingredients with moisturizing properties (ceramides, hyaluronic acid) or emollient properties (butter or oil of vegetable origin), vitamin E or other antioxidants”, underlines Isabelle Villeneuve.

What are their particularities?

With these new products, the rules remain the same: to properly protect our face, we must distribute the equivalent of a teaspoon of sunscreen on the face 15 minutes before exposure and then every two hours… Even if the sky is cloudy, driving or working indoors near a window (up to 80% of ultraviolet rays can reach the skin through clouds and glass).

That said, even if we have got into the habit of applying our moisturizing sun care in the morning, we will not necessarily want to repeat the operation three times during the day! “That’s why I suggest using tinted sunscreen that layers well or a powdered (tinted) mineral sunscreen that can be reapplied directly over makeup,” says Isabelle Villeneuve.

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