Motorhomes: variable parking bans

In theory, it is not possible to prohibit parking for motorhomes, in the same way as private cars. But some subtleties exist.

the camper van parking is not to be confused with camping: in fact, it is considered that you are camping when you unpack your equipment around the vehicle: awning, table, chairs, parasol, barbecue… This is all the more true when your motorhome is placed on wedges. In this case, camping is therefore strictly regulated and prohibited in many places.

Otherwise, a motorhome is considered a private car, and can then be parked in all places where the Highway Code allows it. It is also possible to sleep in a parked vehicle, subject to not deploying a pop-up roof, for example.

Motorhomes: local bans remain possible

In practice, it is not uncommon for some municipalities to wish to make the campervan hunt : indeed, the mayor can prohibit traffic or parking in certain sectors of the municipality, by adopting a municipal decree. It is therefore necessary to find out about local regulations before considering parking your motorhome or campervan during your travels.

However, the General Code of Communities specifies that the traffic ban must be justified, in particular for reasons of public tranquility, protection of natural spaces or landscapes, for example, and limited to a given area, and not on the entire territory of the municipality.

Motorhomes: justice must decide

In some cases, the municipal decrees banning motorhomes are challenged before the Administrative Court. The Motorhome Liaison Committee (CLC), an association that brings together many players in the leisure vehicle industry, regularly takes action in this direction, to defend the interests of motorhome owners.

The court then decides on the legality of such municipal decrees, with varying results. Indeed, the gantries limiting the height in order to prohibit access to motorhomes have been declared illegal in Rochefort, as well as signs prohibiting motorhomes, in Biarritz or La Rochelle. Sometimes, the municipal decree is reinforced, in certain cases where parking can have a visual impact on the landscape, for example.

Motorhomes: pay attention to the subtleties

In an attempt to circumvent the legislation, some mayors use various subtleties in their municipal decrees: for example, motorhomes are not always clearly targeted, but designated by converted vehicles, over 2 meters high, or carrying gas or even sewage.

So be careful when traveling in unknown territory, so as not to risk being fined in an area where motorhomes are not welcome! In the event that parking is authorized, be sure to respect the Highway Code, and in particular the maximum duration of parking, limited to 7 consecutive days at the same location.

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