Meghan and Harry facing the Queen: why their presence at the Jubilee did not help

Against all odds in this tense time, Harry and Meghan honored Queen Elizabeth’s invitation and crossed the Atlantic in early June with their two children to celebrate her 70 years of reign. But, despite this highly symbolic gesture, rumor has it that their relations with the royal family are increasingly strained…

Admittedly, Harry from Windsor and his wife Meghan Markle were invited to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee between June 2 and 5, and went there. Once there, the Sussexes were officially invited to come and greet the sovereign. However, their reunion was far from having been warm… The very formal interview lasted only 15 minutes. Would it only have served to keep up appearances ? Harry and Meghan then did not been invited to appear on the balcony of Buckingham Palace with Elizabeth II, since the Queen wished to surround herself only with family members who work for the Kingdom. Nevertheless, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were spotted in the background.

Lilibet… would have offended Lilibet

If Prince Harry and Meghan played the game by making the trip (although their private jet trip goes against the climate and economic policy of the British Monarchy), they would not, on the other hand, have not much appreciated the Queen’s treatment of their daughter Lilibet, yet named in honor of his grandmother, whose nickname it was. Indeed, the young parents took advantage of their rare presence on British soil to celebrate the first birthday of little Lilibet as a family but the Queen has refused to pose officially with her great-granddaughter whom she had never yet met, and while she had done so for the couple’s first child, Archie, born in 2019. According to close sources, Meghan and Harry would have experienced it as an injustice.

Will future Harry Memoirs contain any embarrassing revelations?

One announcement in particular does not help matters. After the defection of Lady Di’s son and his wife, followed by their exile to the United States two years ago, what worries the Royal family today are the revelations that Harry might make in his memoirs, which is scheduled for publication in 2022. If the release date is still unknown, the publication of the book would be stalled around the release of a shock documentary on Netflix. What will Harry be able to reveal that is so burning? Will private images leak? Windsor trembles…

Harry and Meghan, officially excluded from the royal family?

This weekend of half-hearted celebrations would therefore have added a new layer of conflict in the drama which has torn the Royal Family apart since the “Megxit”. According to Windsor journalist Duncan Larcombe, there is a rumor going around the halls of Buckingham right now thatHarry and Meghan could be stripped of their titles of nobility and excluded from the Royal Family. Their resolute disengagement from the obligations relating to the British crown definitely does not pass. In short, the rebels Harry and Meghan are not done talking about them, but maybe more as Duke and Duchess of Sussex…

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