Laeticia Hallyday and Johnny's legacy: "All the money goes to the tax department!"

The former producer of Johnny Hallyday, Jean-Claude Camus, confided in his friendship with the singer, and gives us disturbing news from his wife Laeticia.

For Johnny fans, the month of June is special. A Stations of the Cross dedicated to their idol, whom they all celebrate with fanfare for his birthday on June 15. Disappeared in 2017, he still leaves a huge void in the hearts of his admirers. While an exhibition will soon be dedicated to him in Belgium, the former producer of singer Jean-Claude Camus confided in the site South Info on his relationship with Johnny Hallydaygiving in passing his point of view on the controversy surrounding his legacy.

Jean-Claude Camus: “I knew two Johnny, one before Laeticia, and the other with Laeticia”

Very close to the singer, the producer told his evolution over time. “I worked 35 years with him. I knew two Johnny in private, one before Laeticia and the other with Laeticia“A before and after for the multi-faceted artist, who found peace with Laeticia. Even more, he is totally invested in his fatherhood with the arrival of his two daughters. Jadeadopted in 2004, and Joyin 2008.

Johnny Hallyday “had become a sugar dad”

The idol of young people has become over time a completely fulfilled father. Very busy with his career at the time of the birth of his two eldest – David55 years old, born of his union with Sylvie Vartan, and Laura 38 years old, fruit of his union with Nathalie Baye -, he managed to make up for lost time with his two younger daughters, as his friend still explains. “When I went to Los Angeles to see him when he was already sick, I was surprised to find him with his two little girls on his lap, cuddling them, things his other two children never knew. Johnny had become a sugar daddy.“A sweet dad, thanks to his wife, as Jean-Claude Camus still confides.”Laeticia had brought him to that. It was really beautiful.”

Jean-Claude Camus: “The situation of Laeticia and her two little ones is not good”

Impossible, however, to evoke Johnny Hallyday, his memory, not to mention the controversy that followed his disappearance. If his two eldest have started a long procedure against their ex-mother-in-law concerning the inheritance of their father, the producer does not mince his words. “There was an injustice“, before proceeding”no, his two other children were not disinherited.”

Camus thus specifies that Johnny Hallyday thought above all of the future of his last two, after having given money to his elders. Wishing to shed light on the situation, he reports “that it was Laeticia who inherited the tax debts: 34 million. (…) It is Laeticia who finds herself with the burden of the tax debt and no one else.”

While her lifestyle has often been singled out, Laeticia applies herself to rregularize the astronomical debts of her husband. A complex situation which forced her to sell her house in Los Angeles, and to put on sale that of Marnes-La-Coquette. “All the money goes to the IRS. The situation of Laeticia and her two little ones is not good“, confided the producer. Laeticia Hallyday, who spins the perfect love with the director Jalil Lespert seems in any case to find the resources necessary to face the situation and continue to keep the memory of her husband alive.

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