Cancer decoration horoscope: a natural and inspiring interior

In the large family of 12 astrological signs, I ask for Cancer. This being born between June 22 and July 22 is ruled by the moon and its element is water. Personality, colors, materials, decorative styles and favorite pieces? Welcome to Cancer!

What decoration according to my astro sign if I am Cancer ? This is the question I asked Mathilde aka By Mathilda. Artist and medium passionate about divinatory arts and astrology, this Aquarius rising Cancer knows what she is talking about. Singing accent, communicative good humor and words that resonate with us, that’s all By Mathilda! It is therefore no coincidence that I turned to this beautiful person to learn more about the Cancer sign and its interior design inspirations.

From her point of view to her feelings, which are, you will see, Cancer friends, often the good ones, she accurately deciphers this abundant theme and confides in us all the keys to create an interior under the sign of Cancer !

In order to satisfy Cancer, his interior must have a soul, inspire him on a daily basis and he must absolutely feel good there, like in a cocoon. Decoration is also a way for Cancer to express themselves, to give free rein to their overflowing creativity. and he attaches great importance to it.

What is the personality of Cancer?

Cancer is the child of the Zodiac, normal that a lot of things revolve around childhood in its way of being. Sign related to the house 4, which concerns emotional security, family, home or inner emotions, Cancer is protective and sentimental by nature. He is a simple and fun person, who has a very endearing personality, a being that we love at first sight in short. A person that we wants to protect and comfort too.

(Hyper)sensitive, artistic, romantic, creative… Cancer is like the crab that represents him and this shell can make him fearful, moody, in the sense that his mood will depend on the lunar cycles. This changing mood can be difficult for Cancer to follow, for those close to them too. Ultra empathetic one day, he can turn out to be I don’t care the next day or in the hour that follows. As a general rule, Cancer remains a person who will seek stability, unlike Gemini who is constantly changing. This is an easy-going sign.

Enormously marked by the past, his relationship with the mother and the family, Cancer particularly cherishes his home, which he likes to imagine as a reassuring cocoon. The tribe side, clan, to which he can relate is very important to him. As head of the household, it is he who will choose the decoration of the place.

Also, Cancer is someone who needs others while having a rather wild, nocturnal, lone wolf side. He can sometimes seem in his world and needs a soothing space to recharge his batteries. Like the past and nature, the nightlife inspires him and he may feel the need to be alone after dark. That’s all there the duality of the Cancer sign: liking to be surrounded and also appreciating loneliness.

With Pisces and Scorpios, Cancer is one of the water signs, who are in Love with a capital A, capable of investing in the long term, with a need to be loved to move forward… while retaining freedom. Finally, Cancer’s emotions can stagnate, they can’t get past the past and expressing what he really feels is a real test for him. He is opposed to Capricorn who is more materially secure, colder emotionally. An opposite that often turns out to be synonymous with complementarity.

Where would Cancer want to live?

Knowing all this, we can say that Cancer will be more home that apartment, to choose. And if this place of life can be isolated and sheltered from prying eyes, Cancer will be only delighted! Loving to be inspired by what surrounds him, he will appreciate a unobstructed view of the countrysidewith fields as far as the eye can see and the near a watercourse (lake or river) – or the Wild Coast if he lives near the ocean. In a big city, a view of a historic monument will also be enough to excite him.

And Cancer will opt for accommodation on the ground floor, just tohave a garden or one attic apartment, atypical, equipped with one or more roof window(s). What offer him a breathtaking view of the sky, even allow him to sleep with his head in the stars. Anyway, thehe home of Cancer must have cachet to spare, a history, a soul and experience to find favor in his eyes.

© Gianluca Grisenti – Pexels

What decorative styles to adopt when you are Cancer?

As you will have understood, Cancer considers his house as a refuge. It is therefore not surprising to see him embrace comforting decorative styles, a bit poetic and retro. Fan of authenticity, the native of Cancer will distill thefamily home spirit like nobody. Breathing life into her wall decor with photo collages and other travel memorabilia are her favorite hobbies. Welcoming and friendly, his home is fitted out so that everyone feels good there, from 8 to 88 years old. In the entrance, the shoes will lie around and nothing is hidden, on the contrary, Cancer likes to display their trinkets.

country house
© Zara Home

On the aesthetic side always, he loves everything that will remind him of the beautiful days, let’s not forget that it was the beginning of summer that saw him born. Freshly washed laundry that dries in the open air, a country picnic, a stroll with the truffle in the wind… So many little everyday things stacked in the cottagecore trend.

Besides the natural decoration which will fulfill their need to bring nature inside, Cancer will, as far as possible, favor handmade and homemade products, for their uniqueness and durability. Eco-responsibility is also at the heart of its priorities. What does Cancer love most? Personalize his decoration himself, put his stamp on it and change it according to his mood and his desires.

Whose : a cold interior, too tidy and an excess of modernity

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What colors in decoration for the Cancer sign?

On a base of mineral colors, which recall nature and soothe it – beige, green, taupe… – the native of Cancer will be able to shape a refined but warm interior. Amateur of immaculate atmospheres, he will never let the White aside for a long time. A nod to the childish and slightly crazy spirit of Cancer, pastel to bright colors can also be used in touches : a pink glass vase, a lemon yellow cushion, a multicolored poster. Without ever being in excess, he will like to use colors as fancy touches to get out of the ordinary and remind how much creativity matters to him.

Whose : too much contrast (black and white), do not create shades

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What are Cancer’s favorite subjects?

In order to stay in the theme, Cancer loves natural materials. Warm to wish, the wood – from parquet to exposed beams – remains the base in its cozy nest. Cotton and linen are never far away, on cozy bed linen or very opaque curtains, to allow him to protect himself from an unpleasant vis-à-vis. If he sets his sights on tiles, it will be dark tiles with shades close to nature again and again. And so that there is no difference between interior and exterior, Cancer will take pleasure in bringing vegetal touches: cotton stalks and pampas grassesfor example.

What is Cancer’s favorite room?

Remember that Cancer loves to eat and what brings the family together? Meals and food in general of course! Without a doubt, the kitchen and its central island around which the family enjoys gravitating, to live, to find oneself seems to be THE favorite piece of Cancer. Friendly, creative, it is conducive to exchanges and sharing. There may be children’s drawings on the refrigerator, like a large wall dressed in slate paint, on which we will write the shopping list, sweet words…

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Also, the bedroom holds an important place in the heart of Cancer. It is here that he can recharge his batteries and even arrange his creative space there. It must include a big bed and one XXL wardrobe. Enough to store all the clothes of Cancer, a stylish person who often has a lot of clothes and accessories. He can also keep clothes for a very long time because they have a sentimental value, this aspect will always prevail over the material.

© Taryn Elliott – Pexels

Nature lovers, Cancer will also cherish an outdoor space – balcony, terrace or garden – that he will take the time to develop while letting nature take over in places. The presence of animals, another of his passions, will not fail to satisfy him. Whether it’s a dog guarding the house, chickens or rabbits.

What are the essentials for a successful Cancer decoration?

  • A large table to receive family and friends,
  • A bathtub rather than a shower to find your element and remember your true nature,
  • Plants and flowers for a green interior,
  • Candles, neon with dimmer to create subdued lighting.

Finally, Cancer will celebrate all the traditions that are close to their hearts and will change their decor with the seasons (Halloween, Christmas, Easter…). This represents a financial investment but no matter, Cancer likes to mark the occasion and knows that these holidays are all opportunities to reunite with the family, the circle is complete.

Who is Mathilde aka By Mathilda?

© By Mathilda

Awakened to spirituality in 2017 after a professional and personal burnout, Mathilde officiates on her eponymous YouTube channel, as on Instagram. Card draws each beginning of the month to find out what he has in store for us, past life, soul mate, self-love… so many themes that she takes pleasure in deciphering to help us better understand certain things in our daily lives. .

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