This brand allows you to find the ideal jeans for your morpho

Finding the jeans that match your morphology is a lifelong search that Lab Dip, a French denim brand, offers to solve in 60 minutes.

Because finding the perfect jeans is a major quest, Lab Dip, a French brand specializing in denim, has set up free consultations in its Paris showroom. The brand founded in 2012 by Johnny and Léa, two brothers and sisters later joined by their youngest daughter Kelly, first developed via multi-brand distribution networks. A few hundred points of sale later, the Covid-19 crisis encourages them to find new channels to sell their denims. And it is the web that the siblings decide to invest. But quickly, the trio realizes that what customers need is tips for finding the perfect denim. And more particularly, to determine which jeans will best enhance their morphology.

Tailor-made consultations

To provide consumers with the best support, Lab Dip decided in January 2022 to open its Paris showroom, located at 58, rue Amelot in the 11th arrondissement, to its (future) clients. First step: book an appointment on the brand’s website. D-Day is a claw model maker who greets customers. After taking different measurements (waist, hips, buttocks, thighs, leg length…), she states the morphology, A, O, V, H or X, and offers different jeans from this information. With around ten models, four to five color variations and sizes (US) ranging from 24 to 36, the choice is wide at Lab Dip. Slim, balloon, girlfriend, bell bottoms, high waist, skinny… There’s something for everyone, even if since confinement, Johnny, the label’s co-founder, has noticed that the trend is for loose and comfortable cuts.

In terms of materials, the brand gives pride of place to 100% cotton, which lasts over time, and with dense fabrics, even if in summer, fluid fabrics are not left out. Once the fittings are over, it’s time to make a choice! And contrary to what one might think, after 60 minutes of fitting, it’s not not that hard. Guided by good advice from the designer, who warns of pockets positioned too low on the buttocks, unsightly folds or a waist that yawns, customers can’t go wrong. For prices, the consultation is free and without obligation to purchase. The jeans are sold between 99 and 115 euros. Something tells us you won’t leave empty-handed…

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