The draped fringe, the new way to adopt the curtain fringe for the summer

To give a twist to your curtain bangs, or on the contrary go beyond bangs without overdoing it, we dare to wear the drape bangs, a hairstyle that we’ll see everywhere this summer. Decryption.

Exit the fringe curtain, a new hair trend is on the horizon. it’s about the draped fringe, a simplified version of the latter. Similar in appearance to its big sister, widely adopted by stars and influencers over the past couple of years, the draped fringe could well be THE hair trend to wear this summer. Decryption, and how to adopt it, Sébastien Gourgeon expert Kerastase and owner of the Eponyme salon in Uzes reveals the secrets of this unique hairstyle.

The draped fringe compared to the curtain fringe, what is it?

As its name suggests, the draped fringe requires a ultra light and airy result. This is why it is considered to be located halfway between the gradient, and the curtain fringe. To differentiate it from all the hair trends of the moment, it is enough simply to observe its structure, which is intended longer than any bangs. Indeed, cut at the level of the chin, the draped fringe is recognizable for her two large locks that she leaves hanging on each edge of the face, as a frame. The advantage? Finished the hassle of a fringe too short to comb her hair, or that of the experience of hair in her eyes: the draped fringe reveals the look and allows you to try out almost any cut. “At the base, it is the followers of curtain fringes who have developed this trend “, explains Sébastien Gourgeon. “ Growing it out, they realized that the length added a touch of personality to their look, with the ability to achieve any hairstyle. It’s a massive throwback to the 90s”. A perfect combo that can only make us crack!

The draped fringe, who is it for?

Increasingly popular with GenZ members, the draped fringe been a real hit lately. However, it is not suitable for everyone, although it is suitable for all hair types and face shapes. Indeed, to adopt it, it is important to have a long to medium length hair otherwise short hair, on which the relief effect will not appear clearly.

To adopt the draped fringe, there are two alternatives. The first one ? That of letting your hair grow if you already have one fringe curtain, or to have his bangs cut with his usual hairdresser. To accessorize it, and put its pretty face in value, it is also possible to operate some improvements at home, through the step of the styling. For example, if you want to stay in the 90’s universe, it is possible according to Sébastien Gourgeon to succumb to the trend of wavy, curly hair, or a glamorous brushing à la Cindy Crawford, to carry on the back. A hairdressing ultra popular on social networks, which will require to carry it out with a blower brush, to obtain the famous volume effect that we see everywhere. On the other hand, to harmonize your cut, and change your head, it is also possible to make hairstyles in height.

Our favorite: the high bun chignon, to achieve by leaving the bangs free, as Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox have already done before us. For a better result, and especially to take care of our hair on a daily basis, our expert warns us all the same about the importance of the maintenance of this cut: “As the front hair is much more fragile than the rest, it is important to use a thermal product. For this, the Ciment Thermique protective range is perfect. Then, I recommend using the Fresh Affair dry shampoo, for more tone!”. It’s your turn !

Thanks to Kérastase, and Sébastien Gourgeon for their expertise.

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