The car will be the star of this summer vacation!

According to a recent study, many French people will take their personal car to go on vacation this summer.

If the means of transport proposed are numerous today, between the train, the plane or the car, it is the latter which remains the most popular at the present time by the French. A rather astonishing reversal, but which nevertheless remains easy to explain. Indeed, it started in the summer of 2020, when the Covid was still very present. Many motorists had then acclaimed the car, for fear of being contaminated by the virus. A habit which therefore seems to have remained, while the epidemic has now greatly weakened over time. And the trend does not seem to have changed this year. Indeed, according to a study conducted by Rolle (formerly Club-Identicar) and Ipsos, 73% of holidaymakers say they want to take their car to travel this summer, while 11% will take another means of transport.

The personal car in mind

Still according to the same survey, 65% of motorists will leave with their personal car, while 24% will take public transport. In general, if the car is so appreciated, it is above all for its practicality (53%), its comfort (40%) and its speed (26%). However; 30% of respondents admit that the preparation (checking the tires, revision…etc) is still a source of stress. Once there, 76% of respondents say they plan to use their car, while 61% will prefer walking.

Many program changes

According to Roole, 55% of the participants in the study nevertheless claimed to have been forced to change their departure plans, in particular because of the rise in inflation. This is particularly the case for the most precarious and young people. Because between the price of fuel and tolls, it is difficult to envisage very serene holiday departures.

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