Jessica Alba reveals a bluffing trick to make up her complexion to perfection

This June 9, actress Jessica Alba revealed the secret of her perfect complexion in a short Tik Tok video. As wacky as it is effective, this “make-up hack” tutorial is causing a stir on social networks, and we understand why. Find out.

After founding her makeup brand Honest Beauty in 2012, and having launched herself on social networks in the field of influence for a few years now… The actress Jessica Alba is no longer his first beauty advice. However, this June 9, she was able to surprise her fans around the world once again, by means of a makeup tutorial with amazing technique. Indeed, in a video “hack” that the pretty brunette shared the same day on her Tik Tok account, she reveals the secrets of her glow unstoppable, by showing up covered in make-up dots on the face. Blush, concealer and even contouring… The interpreter of Honey left nothing to chance, and the result is worth the effort!

What is Jessica Alba’s makeup technique?

Like all tutorials ” hack “, or tips that flourish on the social network Tik Tok, the goal is to recreate a makeup in record time, with no hassle. A principle in which the actress has also decided to take part, with the distribution of her new complexion tutorial. The idea? Draw several dots all over her face, so as to facilitate blending, and obtain a more natural finish by mixing the materials.

How to make Jessica Alba’s complexion tutorial?

To realize the make-up technique of Jessica Alba, it is sufficient at first to bring complexion products with creamy or liquid textures, which are then applied in dots to the desired areas of the face. For this, the actress decides to affix part of her concealer on the T-zone, chin, mustache and dark circles, without forgetting the outer corner to stretch for an effect fox eyes. A step that it completes with blush on her cheekbones, and two lines of tan in cream as a contour, on his forehead, his temples, and around the contours of the nose. Once the products and the haze of his applied mark, comes the step of themakeup blending for the actress. On this occasion, the pretty brunette decides to tackle the concealer blurring, arming herself with a brush with a blurred complexion, which she comes to pass from the bottom of her face, to the top of the latter. Mechanism that the star then reiterates under her eyes, using a finer brush. Without transition, and above all without changing brushes, the star in turn conceals the points of blush previously applied, then get down to the contouring step using an ultra fluffy brush. Just a few more touches ofconcealer and of fixing mist apply to complete the look, and you’re done!

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