Instagram accounts to follow for bluffing artistic make-ups

Giving light to your complexion, playing with colors, knowing how to bring depth to your eyes… So many techniques that prove that putting on make-up is quite an art. For the pleasure of the eyes, here are the best accounts to discover.

Just landed on social networks as makeup artistMei Pang aka @Meicrosoft is a hit on Instagram. And for good reason, spotted last January for the makeup “kiss” that she made with a simple tube of lipstick and a sheet of plastic wrap, the young influencer already has everything a professional can do. His cute sin? the full face makeupwhich turns her face into a life-size fresco, and whose secrets she delivers in stunning tutorial videos.

His pop and kawaii influences have conquered the hearts of more than one, and we understand why. Recognizable for her ultra colorful make-up, the make-up artist and influencer @Nyane don’t hesitate to try their hand at any beauty extravaganza, adding their signature: make-up coordinated with the color of her outfits. Explosive result!

She is one of rising stars of French make-up : the make-up artist @Laaweup real name Laura, has been a hit on social networks for several years now. And for good reason, between its minimalist makeovers, and her artistic full-face make-up, the young influencer with 53,000 subscribers offers a wide range of make-up content on her Instagram account. The opportunity to recognize yourself in each of her looks, which we are dying to reproduce!

From nude makeup, Halloween makeup ultra-sophisticated… The 21-year-old French make-up artist has been making a name for himself in the beauty sphere for several years now. Or more exactly on Instagram and Tik Tok, where he does not hesitate to test the latest fashionable trends, just for you!

With his Instagram account @Enillasmu, the young make-up artist Apolline takes a different look at art. And that’s an understatement, it’s on the eye makeup that she emphasizes. Pop eyeshadows, and hyper-pigmented… The young French girl refuses nothing. Not even the manicures matched to her lookwhich she illustrates in “macro” videos, for an ultra satisfying focus on her make-up of the day.

To honor the most beautiful artistic make-upbut also the work of make-up artists from around the world, the Instagram account @TheArtistEdit stands out as an expert in the field. His universe? A futuristic vibe and trompe l’oeil looks, destined to dazzle us a little more with each post. A source of inspiration that you can’t get tired of contemplating!

A fantastic universe combined with a touch of romance in make-up ? This is the bias of make-up artist Hasni, aka @insah_hasni on Instagram. Known for switching minimalist looks and bluffing fanciful beauty, the young man from Rouen definitely has it all. Supporting evidence !

Youtuber absolutely recognized in the world of beauty, James Charles also reveals from time to time some express tutorials on his Instagram account. This one will be ideal for your theme parties.

The American YouTuber 10 million subscribers is THE pioneer makeup tutorials. She was one of the first to express her talent on social networks and we understand why!

MakeUpForBarbies is an account that has been specially designed for beauty addicts. On this page, thousands of makeup tutorials ranging from the most natural to the most elaborate, whether for the eyes, the lips or the complexion. All filmed by several anonymous absolutely gifted: we validate!

Manny Mua is one of the rare men to have succeeded in revolutionize the age of makeup : yes, boys can wear makeup too! And to the delight of his followers, since the American youtubeur offers us amazing makeup tutorials.

Competition is fierce in the world of beauty and yet, Jeannine, a young German, has also succeeded in imposing her style incredibly technical on social networks. Her eye looks are true works of arteasier to watch than to reproduce!

On her Instagram account, Klaudia Owczarek appears with hundreds of different looks. What an easy way to find inspiration for future colorful makeovers!

Laura Lee is an influencer on social networks, but above all a youtuber specializing in make-up advice. On her Instagram account, several short videos teach us how to achieve elaborate and professional beauty treatments.

Sadia is a Californian of Pakistani origin.. She knows how to sublimate her tanned face and her big brown eyes. His American looks flourish no less than 853,000 subscribers.

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