G-Class Caracal, the mind-blowing special forces car

On the occasion of the EuroSatory military fair in the Paris region, Mercedes unveiled its all-new military G-Class, for special forces. A mind-blowing and very versatile machine.

It is a disconcerting vehicle which has just been presented to the EuroSatory international land and air-land defense and security exhibition. Among the latest visible military gear is the fearsome new Special Forces weapon, the G-Class Caracal. An all-terrain vehicle of mind-blowing dimensions, which will soon be used in the various theaters of operations.

Class G Caracal, robust and agile at the same time

Visually, the Caracal is a vehicle with a robust and very aggressive design. If this militarized 4×4 seems heavy and unwieldy, it is actually the opposite that applies. The Caracal G-Class was jointly developed by Mercedes and the companies Rheinmetall and Armored Car Systems. The vehicle was developed from the completely new chassis installed on the new G-Class. The body of this vehicle was from light and particularly robust materials. Under the hood, Mercedes installed a 6-cylinder Euro III diesel engine with 249 horsepower. This will allow the G-Class Caracal to reach a speed of 140 km/h.

The lightness of the materials and the power of the engine of this 4×4 make the Caracal a particularly manageable vehicle, despite the 5 tons what does this car weigh.

A versatile and modular vehicle

The G-Class Caracal has been designed to perform different tasks. First of all, it ensures the transportation of soldiers. Its power and maneuverability allow it to evolve on almost any surface. The Caracal will also have the possibility ofprovide medical support, thanks to the installation of a modular medical unit installed at the rear of the vehicle. It can also serve as supply vehicle for units engaged behind enemy lines. Finally, the G-Class Caracal will also have an armed and reinforced version, for special forces.

This vehicle can be transported on board the various transport helicopters present such as the Chinook or the Sikorsky CH-53K. The marketing of this exceptional 4×4 will begin in 2023.

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