Fuel prices: soon to be banned from driving on Sundays?

In Germany, motorists could be banned from driving on Sundays, due to the price of fuel. And in France ?

A few weeks ago, we told you about an organization advocating lowering the maximum speed on the motorway from 130 to 110 km/h, with the aim of reducing fuel consumption, and therefore demand. A measure that has so far had no echo with our government, yet particularly inclined to lower the speed on the road network. The purpose of this request was then to lower the demand for fuel, while the price of oil has been at its highest for several weeks now. But if this measure has already caused a lot of ink to flow, our German neighbors could suffer even more restrictive laws to stem the rise in fuel price. While the country is pulling out all the stops to help motorists, with large discounts in particular, it would like to go even further.

A traffic ban?

The president of the SPD party, Saskia Esken indeed announces a series of measures that she would like to put in place. Among them, the reduction of the maximum speed on certain roads. But that’s not all, because it could also dig into the past to rely on an old law from the 1970s, which has recently been amended. This simply makes it possible to set up a traffic ban for all cars on Sunday, except in exceptional cases. In short, it would be forbidden to drive that day, in order to reduce fuel demand.

And in France ?

For the time being, nothing has been done yet, and it is not even certain that this law will come into force again. And for the France ? On our side of the Rhine, the government has no desire to put in place this measure, which is extremely restrictive, for professionals as well as for those who will need to travel or who want to take advantage of sunny days. In short, a measure that should not happen immediately, in short.

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