Ecological bonus: it's already the end in England

England is scrapping the £1,500 eco bonus for electric car buyers, which has been in place since 2011.

The ecological bonus, many motorists have taken advantage of it and still take advantage of it, while this allows them to benefit from a real boost on the price of vehicles which are generally quite expensive. As a reminder, this is currently set at €6,000, or 27% of the price of the vehicle, but its amount varies according to that of the car. If it peaks below €45,000, it drops to €3,000 between €45 and €60,000 and then simply disappears. Its objective is therefore simple: to encourage drivers to switch to electric cars, and if possible by scrapping their old thermal vehicle, thanks to the conversion bonus. But this bonus system is not unique to France, since it also exists in England.

The end of help

Finally, existed, rather. And for good reason, the british government has just officially ended this device, which then offered £1,500, the equivalent of €1,750 to buyers of electric cars. A small boost compared to that offered in France, but which is always welcome for those who need to change cars. England now wishes to grant aid to other types of electric vehicles, such as motorbikes, taxis, vans or cars adapted for wheelchairs, among others.

Not in France

With us too, the bonus could experience a small drop, going from 6 to 5,000 € from July, but Bruno Le Maire would like to extend the maximum amount until the end of the year. The aid of €1,000 for plug-in hybrid vehicles should simply be abolished.

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