Buzz Lightyear: Which countries have banned the film?

While Buzz Lightyear hits theaters on June 22, 14 countries have decided to ban the broadcast of the new animated film from Pixar studios because of a kissing scene between two women.

Why is Buzz Lightyear banned in 14 countries?

The fans of tidy up space are in a hurry: to find Buzz Lightyear on the big screen this June 22, 2022 ! But not everyone will have the chance to discover the new disney pixar animated movie, which tells the true story of this legendary character. In fact, approximately 14 countries have decided to ban the broadcast of the film. The reason ? A kissing scene between two women: the head of the Space Ranger and her best friend, Alisha Hawthorne. Initially, this scene had however been removed by Pixar studios, before being reinstated following criticism from Disney and Pixar employees denouncing the lack of involvement in the defense of the rights of LGBTQ + people. Another controversy had also prompted Bob Chapek, the company’s CEO, to denounce (after hesitating) a controversial law in Florida aimed at prohibiting teaching on sexual orientation in public schools. “Being able to deliver that kiss was important to us. It’s a touching moment.” said producer Galyn Susman.

Which countries oppose the distribution of the movie Buzz Lightyear?

These are mainly countries in the Middle East and Asia: Lebanon, Jordan, Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Palestinian territories, Syria, Iraq and the Arab Emirates United censored the animated film. The UAE Media Regulatory Office justifies this decision “due to violation of media content standards in force in the countryFor now, Malaysia and Indonesia have preferred to ask Disney to cut the scene rather than oppose the film’s release in the country.

Buzz Lightyear: synopsis and trailer

After being stranded with his commander and crew on a hostile planet 4.2 million light-years from Earth, Buzz tries to get everyone home safe. For this, he can count on the support of a group of ambitious young recruits and on his adorable pet robot, Sox. But the arrival of the terrible Zurg and his army of ruthless robots will not make their task any easier, especially since the latter has a very specific plan in mind.

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