Who is Julie Hantson-Obispo, Pascal Obispo's wife?

For 9 years, Julie Hantson-Obispo has been living a flawless love story with singer-songwriter Pascal Obispo. Model, radio columnist, find out who is the sparkling blonde who allowed the singer to find serenity.

These two were made for each other, like fire under ice. Julie Obispo, née Hantson, has shared the life of France’s favorite singer for more than 9 years, Pascal Obispo (dad of Sean, 21 years old, born of his union with Isabelle Funaro). A romance like a fairy tale for the young woman, 28 years her junior, and her singer husband who finds love and peace with Julie. When I met my wife, my life changed, confided the artist on the set of C to you. She balanced me, now I live in harmony, I became someone else.” The lovebirds said yes in September 2015 in Cap-Ferret, where the singer has a sublime property.

Pascal Obispo on his wife Julie: “She does me a lot of good”

Someone else, or a better version of himself, Pascal Obispo, 57 years oldhas never been full of praise for the one who shares his life. She is the most caring person I have had the chance to meet. She makes me crazy. It highlights my qualities and helps me erase my faultshe explained to the Parisian. It would seem that Julie Obispo has this talent for bringing out the best in each of us. A quality – a gift? – which she now applies through her role as a radio columnist. Curious and passionate, the young woman with a wild mane officiates since October 2021 on Airzena radio dedicated to well-being.

Julie Obispo: “I don’t mind being Pascal Obispo’s wife”

For her first show, she naturally chose to give the floor to her husband. An introduction to the heart of the intimate, for an uncompromising speech, as close as possible to the emotions of Pascal Obispo. An unforgettable moment for the two lovers, as explained by Julie, interviewed by Gala on his most influential interview. “I’m going to answer something quite classic: my husband’s interview! (…) She marked me and he too, he often talks to me about it.

An interview where the singer looks back on his childhood, loneliness, his doubts… Often associated with her husband, the young woman does not care, on the contrary:It doesn’t bother me per se. (…) I understand it, it’s a shortcut and then you have to admit that it surely sells.”

Julie Obispo: “There is no competition” with her husband

Benevolent but not fooled, she understood the issues and the workings of the media. It is always with the same sweetness that Julie Hantson-Obispo continues: “The important thing for me is to realize oneself, and thus to stand out from one’s husband. (…) I mean there is no competition in this, in terms of misplaced ego“The one who confides trying to live”as if she wasn’t the wife of someone famous“, has found meaning with her new job, dedicated to meeting inspiring personalities. With the common thread, the unwavering support of her husband…

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