This service station has made a monumental mistake!

A Géant Casino service station made a mistake by reversing diesel and gasoline. Dozens of failures were recorded.

We all make mistakes, in our professional or personal life. Small blunders, most often without real consequences. But sometimes, it happens that we are really wrong and that our stupidity is a little more serious. It happens. But there is no doubt that the delivery man who refueled the service station of this Giant Casino located in Charentes will remember his day. And for good reason, as our colleagues from Capital report, he made a small mistake this Friday, June 10th. As usual, this one comes to fill the tanks of the station located in the town of Champniers. Nothing exceptional so far.

A big mistake

Except that here, this time, the man is mistaken, and fills the gasoline tank with diesel, and conversely. A mistake that was not long in being noticed, when many customers fell into the trap, filling their tanks with diesel fuel instead of unleaded 95 E10. Several motorists therefore found themselves on the side of the road and had to contact a mechanic, while one of them claims to have already received numerous phone calls relating to this incident. In total, around forty supermarket customers would have been affected, before the station closed the pumps following complaints.

What recourse?

Unfortunately, this type of error can be fatal for engines, and repairs can cost several hundred euros. For its part, Géant Casino offers to reimburse the full amount of the customers concerned. They can write to the address [email protected] by attaching the file reference CA2022400785 as well as the receipt.

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