Pushing your broken down car with a skateboard?

An American got stuck with his Honda CRX car breaking down on a slope, near a hill. But thinking he was going to get out of this situation, he decided to let her continue coasting and skateboarding. But unfortunately, he lost control of his car and of course, the rest is not pretty!

that has never been down, At least once in his life ? We are not talking about a game of 1000 Terminals! No, it’s annoying, especially if you don’t know anything about mechanics. The first thing is to be able to identify the anomaly. If it’s a flat tire or battery failure, it is easily detectable but often, the breakdown requires the intervention of specialists. This is not shown by this American driver who has chosen a very particular solution to “haul” his vehicle.

When the worst idea in the world comes to him!

A young American had the misfortune of crashing in the middle of the hills when his car broke down. Indeed, owner of a Honda CRX, he thinks he has found a solution to clear the road. No, it’s not about calling a convenience store, but to get on his skateboard and accompany his car. The link ? Mystery ! We didn’t understand either. How did he come up with this crazy idea?

Skateboard next to your car?

This young American filmed the whole scene thinking he was going to pull off a feat and come up with a unique and ingenious idea. He decides to let his car coast along the slope. Nexthe takes out his skateboard, clings to the door and rushes beside her. Unfortunately, it didn’t go as he hoped. He completely lost control of his car when it picked up speed, way too much speed! down the slope.

A crash he won’t soon forget…

Of course, the crash was inevitable ! A lover of thrills, we can say that he was well served. Fortunately, nothing serious, even if the worst was close to happening. The car ended up in a ditch. Broken and broken! As for the owner, he managed to escape unscathed. “The dumbest idea I’ve ever had” he says at the end of the video.

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