Porsche 928: a restomod made in France

The French company Nardone Automotive presents a new modern interpretation of the Porsche 928. The changes on this model are much more numerous than it seems.

the restomod consists of restore an old car by integrating modern technologies to improve engine performance, behavior or multimedia. In most cases, the exterior styling remains the same and it is often highly regarded cars that benefit from this.


However, in this case, Nardone Automotive has chosen to work on a Porsche 928 rather than one of the countless popular variants of the Porsche 911, for example. Compared to the latter, the 928 stands out by having become the first Porsche to adopt a V8 engine, installed in the front position. What has contributed to making this Porsche one of the less appreciated from the range of the legendary German manufacturer.


And yet, it is indeed her that the French from Nardone Automotive have chosen as the basis for this new restomod. Why ? Here is their explanation: “The 928, since its debut in 1978, has always been an unconventional car, completely different from all the others. There had never been a similar model in the Porsche range, neither before it nor after it. The 928 remained in the lineup for 17 years, selling over 60,000 units in total. Until now, she has never known an heiress. It’s a bit of a shame, isn’t it? »

Modernized style

Nardone Automotive, this French start-up based in Aix-en-Provence and founded by Thierry Nardone thus proposes to offer a new life to the Porsche 928. Nearly 45 years later, the company thus proposes a modern interpretation of the 928 with a body made entirely of composite materials. Compared to the base car, the front and rear lights have been completely redesigned while large 18-inch rims now find their way into the fenders. They are equipped with Michelin Pilot Sport 5the French tire manufacturer being associated with the project.

Increased power

Under the front cover, the motorization also evolves with a V8 which reaches 400 horsepower while the historic 928 offered engines ranging from 240 to 350 horsepower. It is coupled to a six-speed manual gearbox. Ground connections as well as braking and steering have also been modernized to improve efficiency.

Finally, the interior also evolves by being strongly modernized. This is particularly the case thanks to the new PCCM infotainment system offered by Porsche (Porsche Classic Management system) which makes it possible to integrate Apple CarPlay and which houses a luxurious sound system.

After Milan Design Week, this 928 will be exhibited at the famous Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​at the end of June while the first deliveries are expected for 2024, according to Nardone Automotive. A budget of €480,000 excluding VAT and a 928 “donor” are to be expected.

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