Parcoursup: 83.5% of high school students received at least one admission proposal

The admission phase runs until July 15, 2022. According to the Minister of Higher Education Sylvie Retailleau, 83.5% of high school students have received at least one proposal since the start of the admission phase. How to respond to proposals? Advice, dates and calendar for the orientation of future graduates.

On June 14, Minister of Higher Education Sylvie Retailleau welcomed the the effectiveness of Parcoursup. “Parcoursup works (…) As of today, more than eight out of ten high school students, that is to say 83.5% of high school students received at least one admission proposal or several. This is a better result than in 2021“, explained the minister during a press briefing at the end of the Council of Ministers. Sylvie Retailleau however recognized that black points remained concerning this device.Reducing the waiting time for high school students is obviously an area for improvement constant of the platform. The objective is of course to provide answers as quickly as possible and to more candidates (…) This does not mean of course that [le dispositif] cannot perform even better and is not in a continuous improvement phase. Orientation, of which the platform is basically only a tool, is by nature a moment of stress, doubt and legitimate anxiety for pupils and students.“, added the Minister of Higher Education.

How is the admissions phase going?

The admission phase on the Parcoursup platform began this Thursday, June 2. High school students have started receiving the first responses to their request for training in higher education. They have until July 15 to respond to the proposals. This year, the multidisciplinary cycles of higher education (CPES), three-year training courses leading to a license are experiencing real growth on Parcoursup, according to the newspaper Le Monde. Thus 23 CPES are offered such as a “sciences and society” CPES at the Montaigne high school in Bordeaux, a “sciences, environment and society” CPES at the Chateaubriand high school in Rennes or a “sustainable development” CPES at the Montesquieu high school in Le Mans… New CPES will be added to the list again at the start of the 2023 school year.

So that candidates can all access their file simultaneously, the platform was initially available in consultation mode. Then during the evening, the candidates were able to begin to respond to the admission proposals made to them. Next, between June 2 and July 15, the files are updated every morning because waiting lists may change until this date. Concretely, each morning, the files of the candidates are updated according to the evolution of the waiting lists : they are alerted by email, sms and via the Parcoursup application (downloadable from June 2) as soon as they receive one or more admission proposals to which they must respond before the deadline indicated in their file. Also, the candidates are supported throughout the procedure thanks to various devices:

  • Since June 3, specific discussion times are organized in high schools in order to advise them
  • They can also call the Parcoursup advisers who remain available throughout the admission phase via the toll-free number 0 800 400 070 and the “contact” messaging service, directly from their file
  • Finally, they can participate in chat & live sessions offered on the Parcoursup site,

Note that you may receive one or more admission proposals, at the same time or on different dates, but that you can only accept one at a time. You may receive 4 types of training responses:

  • A “Yes” which corresponds to a proposal for admission. You will then only have to validate this choice while waiting a few hours, because at the very beginning of the admission phase, the Parcoursup platform will be in “consultation” mode only.
  • A “If yes (for a license wish)” which corresponds to an admission proposal accompanied, if you accept it, by a support system to strengthen your skills
  • A “in waiting list” which means that you are on the waiting list which evolves according to the places that become available. This is the most frequent situation for the majority of candidates on Parcoursup on the first day of the results. If you are in this case, check your place in the waiting list by comparing it with that of the last admitted or the last admitted in 2021: if you are at the top of this list, you should receive an admission offer a few days later after the withdrawal of other candidates ranked higher than you. On the other hand, if you are in the middle or even at the bottom of this waiting list, do not get too hopeful and consider accepting an admission offer on another wish – if you have any. If you are on the waiting list for all your wishes, do not panic and give yourself a few days to check how your ranking is changing over the withdrawals of other candidates.
  • A “Nope (only for a wish in selective training)” which means that the committee for examining the wishes of the training has not retained your file. You must then wait for the additional phase of Parcoursup which begins on Thursday, June 23

The last proposals for admission will be sent on July 15. You will have a few days to definitively validate your admission in the event of a positive response. If you only get negative responses from selective training (BTS, BUT, IFSI, etc.), you can request support in your establishment or at the Information and Orientation Center (CIO) to prepare for the phase. additoinal.

What is the complementary phase?

From June 23 to September 16, 2022. Students who have only obtained negative answers or who have failed to register will be able to apply for courses that still offer places, with the same rules as the previous procedure, but in an accelerated manner. From July 1, in each academy, a commission for access to higher education (CAES) led by the rector will examine the situation of candidates who have not received an admission offer in order to offer them other training close to their initial choices. If this is your case, be sure to complete the “Preference and other projects” by widening your orientation wishes as much as possible in order to help the commission. It will study your file and may rely on the information you have provided in this section.

The baccalaureate specialty exams not taken into account on Parcoursup

The specialty lessons initially scheduled for March have been postponed from May 11 to 13, 2022, so as to give the same chances of success to high school students, disrupted this year by the Covid-19 health crisis. Indeed, students may have been often absent and missed class hours, especially if they were positive or had contact cases. But this change of dates also upsets the calendar on the Parcoursup platform since the deadline for wishes was set for April 7, before the start of the tests. Therefore, the students will communicate the averages of Première and Terminale in the two subjects chosen for the specialty tests.

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