Letizia from Spain, fan of surgery?  Injections, lifting and other secrets

Has Letizia from Spain given in (several times) to the sirens of cosmetic surgery? A documentary makes people talk and reveals the interventions that the wife of Felipe VI would have undergone…

Letizia from Spain, in the tournament? A documentary, broadcast in the Iberian country on ATRESplayer, directed by journalist Ana Pastor and screenwriter Aitor Gabilondo, is causing a stir. And for good reason, the fourth episode of Los Borbones, a real family, focuses on the past of the wife of Felipe VI… and assures that the former journalist, who will celebrate its 50th anniversary on September 15, would be addicted to plastic surgery.

Letizia from Spain, addicted to surgery?

If the documentary is to be believed, Letizia from Spain would have redo his nose, align his chinwould have suffered injections of botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid or even a eyelid lift… “Insecurity or seizure of power?“, ask the authors of the documentary, who are trying to understand the reasons for this supposed makeover.

Carmen Enriquez, former specialist in the monarchy on the Spanish television channel TVEsaid in the documentary: “Ce aesthetic stations of the cross is a reaction to his media overexposure”.

Letizia of Spain: the “sneaky war” with her stepfather

The arrival of Letizia of Spain within the royal family was not easy. During the start of her romance with Felipe VI, who was not yet king at the time, Juan Carlos, on the throne, did not hide his concern for his son. Letizia Ortiz is then young journalist for the tv channel TVE and divorced from literature professor Alonso Guerrero. Felipe VI’s father would have preferred his future daughter-in-law to have a profile more suited to royal life.

So when on the day of the engagement announcement in 2003, Letizia Ortiz cuts off her future father-in-law in front of the journalists, to tell him: “Let me talk“, The cup is full. “the beginning of a sneaky war” is engaged. “It was a spontaneous intervention, which resembles him, a way of relaxing the atmosphere, but we crucify you for this kind of audacity“, commented Sagrario Ruiz de Apocada, a former colleague of Letizia from Spain, in the documentary.

Letizia of Spain, faced with the suicide of her sister

But in 2007, a tragedy occurs. Letizia from Spain’s little sister, Erika Ortiz, ingests drugs and commits suicide at only 31 years old. Devastatedthe wife of Felipe VI finally manages to rise from the ashes.

Something has changed in the way he presents himself to the world and interacts with others“, explained the former specialist in the monarchy, Carmen Enriquez. Quickly, she rose as a respected and admired figure within the royal family. A victory for Letizia of Spain, to the great surprise of Juan Carlos.

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