His FAP drops him at 46,000 km: the bill is SALTY!

Bad surprise for our reader: the DPF (particle filter) of his Mercedes Class A is defective, and the manufacturer only grants him partial participation.

For Bernard, an avid reader of Auto Plus from Estouteville, in Seine-Maritime (76), the brand mercedes should enjoy better reliability than other competing brands. This is how, in the spring of 2019, he disbursed more than 40,000 euro for’purchase of a new Class A.

It is a 200 d version, equipped with a 150 horsepower diesel engine. Unfortunately, just a few weeks after the end of the two-year warranty, his new acquisition will start to show signs of weakness. At the end of July 2021, our reader observes theengine light on on his dashboard: an appointment is made with his Mercedes dealer, who will not notice the breakdown until September, when he returns from vacation.

A faulty particulate filter

Verdict: the DPF (particle filter) is faulty. Bernard did not expect such an early breakdown, his vehicle having barely 2 years and 46,000 km. But the amount of repairs is even more astonishing.

Indeed, the particulate filter is an integral part of the car’s exhaust line, the elements of which are not detailed. The mechanic will therefore have to replace the entire exhaust line, and also account for the amount of the associated labor.

An exorbitant bill

The estimate amounts to 4.009 €, or one-tenth of the purchase price of the new vehicle, made only two years earlier. Our reader asks the French subsidiary of the German manufacturer, with a registered letter asking for support for the repair.

In its response, Mercedes only wants to give it a partial contribution of 25% of the amount of the estimate, i.e. a total of only €1,002. Bernard refuses to pay the remaining €3,007 for a breakdown that he considers far too early.

Our defense strategy

Our reader has chosen Mercedes for the purchase of his new car, and has demonstrated his trust and loyalty to the German brand’s network for its maintenance: we cannot therefore blame him for any lack of maintenance.

An often problematic organ in a modern car, the particle filter has a lifespan that can vary considerably depending on how the car is used. According to the scale of our experts, a DPF failure before the anniversary of 5 years or 50,000 km should be fully assumed by the manufacturer: Mercedes must therefore support all of Bernard’s repairs.

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