Heat wave and sleep: how to successfully sleep?

Hot weather disrupts sleep. Sleep naked, with a fan, dampen your sheets… What to do? List of effective tips for sleeping well even during the heat wave and keeping a cool bed.

[Mis à jour le 15 juin 2022 à 09h24] Of the scorching temperatures are announced in France from June 15. Sleeping well in hot weather is a real challenge. Indeed, the body needs to be in a cool environment to access rest, and remains alert when this is not the case. Consequences: sleep is then lighter, and more frequent awakenings. Tips, techniques… Here are some simple gestures that can improve the situation.

1. Lower your temperature before bed

By taking a lukewarm (but not freezing) shower before going to bed, you cool down your body temperature. You can even not fully dry yourself or lie on your wet towel to prolong the effect. Another source of freshness before going to bed: a walk in the green spaces.

2. Freshen up your bed

Several solutions: put your pillow in the fridge during the day and take it out when you go to bed, or place chilled bags (ice packs for example) that you have previously left to freeze directly in your bed. Be careful, however, that they are well sealed, so as not to risk transforming your bed into a swimming pool. You can also revisit the classic hot water bottle by filling it with ice water.

3. Also cool your clothes, your head…. and your feet!

Rather than sleeping totally naked, choose loose clothes made of natural fibers such as cotton that will absorb your perspiration. You can moisten them before putting them on to benefit from a feeling of freshness. More original, you can also cover your feet with wet washcloths or your head with a damp cloth: placing these two strategic body parts in a cool place will allow general cooling. The consequences on your well-being will be most appreciable.

4. Keep drinking plenty of water, even at night

If you have understood that you have to hydrate during the day without waiting for the feeling of thirst, this is also valid at night. To avoid having to get up, keep a bottle of water on your bedside table.

5. Eat light in the evening

Your body already has a lot of work to do with heat, so make the digestion part easier! In the evening, choose a light and cold meal, consisting of raw vegetables and fruits, cold soups or sorbets which will hydrate you at the same time. Forget red meats and grilled meats, whose proteins are particularly difficult for our body to digest. Another advice: do not drink diuretic sugary sodas or alcoholic beverages because they dehydrate.

6. Open the windows as soon as it’s cooler outside than inside

Keep windows and shutters closed during the day, especially for rooms that receive the sun. Open them at night to create drafts, only if the air outside is cooler than the air inside. The lowest temperatures are a few hours before sunrise.

7. Increase your bedroom humidity and ventilate

You can place a bowl filled with ice water near your bed or choose to dry clothes in your bedroom. By humidifying the air, the feeling of heat will be more bearable. You can also use a fan to stir the air, which will give you a feeling of freshness. Combine these two tricks by placing the humidity source right in front of your fan. But do not send the airflow directly on you to avoid getting sick, which would still be a shame in such good weather.

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