Damien Abad, accused of rape: a third woman tells (Acts and Handicap of the new Minister of Solidarity)

The new Minister of Solidarity is accused of rape by women who testify to sordid practices, according to information from Mediapart. Damien Abad denies the facts. He assures that the rare disease he suffers from requires “the assistance of his partner”… A new alleged victim has spoken…

A another woman just spoke in Mediapart for accuse Damien Abadnewly appointed Minister of Solidarity, attempted rape. This time it’s a elected centrist who wished to remain anonymous. “Today I can no longer be silent. If I talk, it’s so that it stops, so that he can’t start again“, she indicated to the media. “My culture is not to express myself in the press“, she added. But since “more than ten years“, the chosen one tries, according to her words, to turn the page, in vain.

Without detailing the facts, the lawyer from whom the elected took advice, Me Raphaële Bialkiewicz, explained: “The facts before me are very serious. At this stage, we analyze the file and proceed to the collection and cross-checking of elements, with a view to providing all the necessary follow-ups. In particular, we had a bailiff’s report drawn up concerning certain elements“.

She would have been “punched in the stomach” by Damien Abad

According to the lawyer, his client would have gone to Damien Abad’s one evening, on the occasion of a party organized at his home. This would then have “offered a drink“to the chosen one, but she would have seen”Something” in the container. Worried, she would have spat the drink into the toilet, but Damien Abad would have waited for him outside the door. The chosen one would then “debated“and would have”punched in the stomach“. As for the main interested party, he ardently denied the allegations: “They revolt me ​​and I categorically refute them“.

Damien Abad, accused of rape by two other women

Elisabeth Borne thought she had pulled off a tour de force by joining the government Damien Abad, former president of the Les Républicains group in the National Assembly. But the Minister of Solidaritynewly appointed, is at the heart of a scandal revealed by Mediapart May 21.

In addition to the aforementioned centrist elected official, Damien Abad is accused of rape by two women. The first, a former centrist activist, now 35, would have met him in August 2010 at a wedding of friends. They would then have swapped several times. If he was “professionally interesting“, the complainant mostly described him as “heavy” and insistent. A few weeks after the wedding, they would have met in a Parisian bar. “He offers champagne, I drank a glass. And there, blackout, until the next morning. Never happened to me, especially not after just one drink“, she recounted.

Damian Abad, accused of rape: a woman recounts the “shock” and “disgust”

This morning she would have woken up”in a hotel room near the bar“, in underwear,in a state of deep shock and disgust“…with Damien Abad.”I felt cottony, my body was groggy, achy and sore, I knew something was wrong.“, she explained.

She then turned to the Observatory of gender-based and sexual violence in politicscreated in February 2022 by members of the #MeTooPolitique collective, in order to “testify to the facts of rape concerning Damien AbadLR deputy for Ain, approached to join the government, and invested by Renaissance in Ain“, she wrote in a letter. The Observatory of sexist and sexual violence in politics then issued a report to the parties LREM and LR … which remained unanswered.

The complainant could no longer bear to see him “omnipresent in the media”

As for the second alleged victim, it is the former vice-president of the Young Democrats in Paris, aged 22 at the time, in 2009. The alleged facts date back to 2011. She had filed a complaint in 2012, but this one was filed away because of the plaintiff’s failure“, according to information from FranceInfo.

She had again denounced the alleged facts in 2017. Her complaint has also dismissedlack of a sufficiently serious offense“.”I filed a complaint at the police station a year after the events, but I failed to sign and go through with it. If I managed to do it six years later, it’s because Damien Abad was omnipresent in the media and I couldn’t take it anymore to see him, to suffer from it and that he is not worried in any way“, she explained to FranceInfo.

“Anal penetration”, “fellatio”, “disrespect” and “insistence”

When they met, Damien Abad chaired the Young Centrists-New Center and met the young woman at a political meeting. According to the young woman’s testimony, he would then havedredged up” by text message… until asking him to send him suggestive photos. “Come on, I’m waiting for your photo. Your face and your chest together“, he reportedly wrote.

In January 2011, she would have had with him a full sex”disrespect, injunction and insistence to which she would have tried to put an end with, among other things, “implied“. Then, she would have suffered a anal penetration imposed that she had nevertheless clearly refused and “Many times“. Besides, he would have him “demanded a blowjob“.

Damien Abad, suffering from a rare disease

Heard by the police for the first time in 2012, Damien Abad categorically denies the facts. He assures us that the rare disease he suffers from, arthrogryposis (a congenital disease characterized by stiffness of the joints), would have prevented him from acting in this way. “I have always been discreet about this handicap, about the constraints it imposes on me, about the way it restricts my movements and my daily gestures“, he then assures in a press release, before explaining that a sexual act could not occur”only with the assistance and kindness of my partner“.

Elisabeth Borne reacts to the scandal

Almost a decade later, the plaintiff is “relieved“that these allegations are now brought to light.”I had knocked on quite a few doors for someone to do something after the complaint was dismissed, which I found unfair“, she lamented at theAFP.

As for Elisabeth Borne, she promises that she was hardly aware of these accusations before appointing Damien Abada Minister of Solidarity. “I can assure you that if there are new elements, if justice is seized again, we will draw all the consequences“, she added.

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