Christina Aguilera: her ultra-provocative outfit to defend all sexualities

Rather known for her fashion faux-pas than for her fashionable outfits, Christina Aguilera is nonetheless an icon of the 2000s. The 41-year-old singer stood out this weekend on stage, dressed in a… green sequined dildo.

This Saturday, June 11 took place at Los Angeles Pride in the Park Festival, an event for the defense of LGBTQI+ rights organized by the city on the occasion of Pride Month for several years. Among the prestigious guests of this 2022 edition, the 41-year-old American singer, Christina Aguilera…Which soon caught the eye of photographers around the world. It must be admitted that in terms of stage outfits, she did a lot (for a change).

Eight stage outfits for Christina Aguilera that night… including one even more stunning

That evening, the American with some 8.3 million followers on Instagram did not change her look two or three times, but indeed eight times in reference to the eight colors of the LGBTQI + flag. Colorful looks thanks to which the interpreter of Lady Marmalade and Beautiful visibly conquered the public of the City of Angels. And if her red latex catsuit, whose chest in the shape of conical breasts was easily reminiscent of the one worn by the queen of pop, alias Madonna, during his tours in the 1980s, caught the eye of the experts, it is not however the outfit that has made the greatest impression. The stage costume that caused the most reaction being indeed the first of this long series: a green trompe-l’oeil bodice, like a man’s muscles, which gave her the look of the hero of Marvel Hulk, embellished with a… rhinestone strap-on.

The dildo, symbol of the star’s fight for the defense of LGBTQI+ rights

A bold and provocative choice which is far from being the first of its kind for the star of the 2000s. She has also accustomed us to it throughout her career. Let us recall for example that his clip Dirtypublished in 2002, was censored several times when it was released twenty years ago. The sex toy as a stage accessory allowing the singer to react. And to confirm his status as a queer and committed icon.

In fact, for some years now, the strap-on is a symbol of liberation brandished by many names in pop, defending the LGBTQI+ community, Miley Cyrus on the front line. A gesture largely assumed by Christina Aguilera. “It’s really important that all my outfits reflect the spirit of each song. Each one addresses a particular theme: coming out, freedom, acceptance of one’s sexuality and self-confidence, for example”said the singer in particular to the American fashion magazine W. One thing is certain, we will remember it. And that’s exactly what Christina Aguilera was aiming for!

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