A VTC driver, accused of having raped two women he was accompanying

A VTC driver is accused of raping two women he was driving home. The complainants’ memories are hazy…

This clandestine VTC driver is accused of raping two women mounted in his vehicle. Indicted in October 2020 with an accomplice, the 32-year-old man was sent back to the Assize Court of Hauts-de-Seine, explains The Parisian. The alleged facts date back to September 11, 2020. That day, a young woman arrived, shocked, at the hospital. She explains that she was raped after a VTC trip. According to her words, she woke up in an unfamiliar apartment, the pants torn at the crotch. The gynecologist who examines her at the hospital does not find any trace of lesions. The young woman has trouble remembering last night, but quickly, she picks up a few pieces.

A woman accuses a VTC driver of rape: what she remembers

She remembers having drank champagne and wineas well as having snorted cocaine, in a Parisian bar. Then she ordered a driver on the Heetch app around 5 a.m. Then, the young woman remembers that she found herself sitting in the front and talking with the driver and that she then landed in a living room with two men… without understanding how.

About two weeks earlier, on the night of August 28 to 29, 2020, another woman had gone to Neuilly-sur-Seine hospital to be examined and report a rape of which she would have been the victim. Like the other woman, she claims to have spent the evening in a bar before ordering a VTC driver to return home.

VTC driver accused of rape: a woman wakes up in the middle of sexual intercourse

During the trip, she would have felt woozy … so much so that the driver would have offered to drive her home, his home being obviously closer. After accepting this proposal, she would have taken a shower at his place and would have consented to put on the driver’s own clothes. This is where the girl’s memory fails. She woke up in a bed, in the middle of a sexual relationship. The young woman would have tried to break free from the grip of the driverbut, too weak, it would have quickly fallen unconscious.

VTC driver accused of rape: his supposed accomplice swings

The genetic fingerprint of the VTC driver was found on the two alleged victims and, in October 2020, he was placed in police custody with another suspect, suspected of being his accomplice. The driver would have communicated with the latter during these nights. The friend would have asked him in particular if there was “fucking“. If they both speak of consensual relations, the driver’s friend explained to the investigators that he used to drive drugged women and bring them to his home to have sex.

There is no proof of the non-consent of the victims and the demonstration of the criminal intention is not made”, explained the driver’s lawyer, Me Lorène Cardot. The woman in law decided to appeal the dismissal to the Assize Court. As for the VTC driver’s criminal record, it includes mentions of traffic offenses and extortion.

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