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An American site has identified the favorite brands country by country, but also those which are the least appreciated. In order to collect all the data necessary to establish such a ranking, they simply went to … Twitter!

The American site theclunkerjunker.com asked itself the question of what were the most and least popular brands, country by country. In order to collect all the data needed to create such a ranking, they used a artificial intelligence. The latter is able to analyze mentions in Tweets. While some results are sometimes interesting, others are amusing to say the least…

Tesla on the first step!

The big winner of this virtual competition is none other than Tesla! The American manufacturer is the most popular in 21 different countries. mercedes comes second and pleases most in 18 countries, whereas Ferrari closes the top 3 being the most popular in 10 countries. According to the American study, the favorite brand of the French would be none other than mercedes.

Tesla, again?

The most hated brand across the globe would be none other than Ford. The brand comes last in 20 countries. But the most surprising are the two constructors closing the podium: Ferrari and You’re here ! Yes, both brands are loved, but also hated in 18 and 16 countries respectively! But you’re probably not at the end of your surprises…


In Franceas in Italy, the least appreciated brand, hated by the greatest number, is none other than … Lincoln? This one, we’re almost sure you weren’t expecting it! And for good reason, the brand is not even marketed in Europe anymore! Either the artificial intelligence wasn’t quite there yet, or just Twitter was far from enough. Be that as it may, this study should be taken with a grain of salt…

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