The Huntress: a 4x4 with a crazy and ingenious concept

Connery Xu, a Chinese designer with an artful talent, has developed a rather bizarre, but still innovative concept car: The Huntress! It is an all-terrain 4×4 equipped with wheels capable of twisting according to the terrain and its reliefs. It is a two-seater vehicle suitable for those who dream of extreme off-roading. As long as it sees the light of day…

The latest SUVs and crossovers that abound on the automotive market are not necessarily “all-terrain”. Yet adventure enthusiasts are always looking for the best vehicle to ride through mud, climb over rocks and cross almost inaccessible paths! What if what they were waiting for was this 4×4 from the future?

The all-terrain vehicle of tomorrow…

A Chinese designer Connery Xu whose specialty is to design rather futuristic cars, imagined an electric vehicle capable of traveling on any road, no matter how inaccessible. Because according to him, there are people for whom the so-called all-terrain vehicles are not enough… As a result, he plans to develop this concept to stand out on the market. To sum up in a few words, with Huntress, Conner Xu offers a glimpse of what the off-road of the future will be like.

The Huntress: a twisted 4×4

This is the name of this concept car: The Hunter. This is a twisted electric two-seater vehicle in every sense of the term. With its white color, it looks like a sci-fi vehicle. It will be equipped with a independent suspension system allowing each wheel to twist, to move in order to respond to all obstacles, coatings, even very uneven ones and to the different conditions of a terrain. Its engine, unlike most cars, is in the back with spare tires. Another originality, it has headlights capable of rotating horizontally.

A vehicle still at the concept stage!

For now, The Huntress is just a concept. No manufacturing project is in sight. In any case, nothing has been communicated yet. It is not yet known if it will become a reality or just a dream of the future… But what is certain is that this project has interested Internet users and if it interested a builder?

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