Radar cars: stickers to distinguish them

The State does not wish to identify its radar cars, which thus pass unnoticed in traffic. The Drivers’ Defense League offers stickers to distinguish them!

In recent years, the private radar cars have appeared on our roads, and are more and more numerous: there are more than 450 in circulation in France, and they are very discreet since they are unmarked, and driven by private agents.

Indeed, these devices for tracking down the slightest speeding of motorists are on board everyday vehicles, such as the Citroën Berlingo, Peugeot 308, Peugeot 208, Dacia Sandero, Renault Mégane… Therefore, it is is difficult to recognize them for sure.

Radar cars: the State does not wish to report them

The recent bill aimed at making the signaling of mobile radar cars compulsory has been rejected, and the State still does not wish to signal them: in fact, radars represent a godsend of approximately 700 million euros in revenue per yearand it would be a shame to deprive yourself of it!

So, if the radar cars are not reported, why not report the cars that are not? It’s here offbeat proposal of the Drivers Defense League, which fights against the systematic repression of motorists and works for a real improvement in road safety.

Radar cars: an amazing initiative

For this, the association proposes to display stickers “No I’m not a radar car” 12 cm in diameter and in bright colors, on your rear window or your windshield. This initiative makes it possible, in an ironic way, to denounce the absurdity of these radar cars, while supporting the League for the Defense of Drivers through a militant approach.

“As we approach the summer holidays, this friendly but militant wink wants to bring together the community of drivers who, like our more than 1 million supporters, no longer tolerate road safety policy being reduced to relentless repression”specifies on this occasion Nathalie Troussard, General Secretary of the Drivers Defense League.

Radar cars: the Drivers Defense League wants them to disappear

This sticker duo is sold at the price of 3 euros on the Drivers Defense League website. This price includes design, manufacture and shipping: in this regard, the association specifies that its operation is exclusively financed by donations from its supporters, and that it therefore does not make any profits on the sale of these stickers.

Founded in 2006, the Drivers’ Defense League fights for freedom of movement and driving by adopting responsible driving, and opposes the “absurd repression”, more than ever embodied by radar cars. It also tackles real scourges in the daily lives of motorists, such as illegal speed bumps and the deterioration of road conditions in France.

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