Pauline and Damien (MAPR 6) had already met: "Baby project" and amazing secrets

77% compatible, Pauline and Damien are now more in love than ever. If their love at first sight happened in front of the cameras, they had already crossed paths several times before the filming of the show…

the adventure Married at First Sight season 6 is coming to an end for Damien, 38, and Pauline, 33, the emblematic couple of the program broadcast on M6. Monday, June 14, the candidates, 77% compatible according to experts, were gathered to take stock of their adventure. Since their meeting in Gibraltar, the lovebirds seem to spin the perfect love. It is therefore no surprise that the young nurse and the automotive sales consultant chose to stay married. “I know that today I am married to the woman of my life. (…) All the things were done in such a way as to lead me to Pauline. I think there are no words to thank you for this meeting“, entrusted Damien to Pascal de Sutter and Estelle Dossin. Questioned by TV Magazine, the two Marseillais made astonishing revelations. And especially about their first meeting…

Pauline and Damien had already met “on many occasions”

Their romance kept viewers in suspense. M6 for several weeks. Favorite couple of the program, the thirtysomethings could have already fallen in love with each other long before joining the cast of Married at First Sight! The lovebirds who live only a few miles from each other, had met before.

With Pauline, we had never noticed each other but we know that we had already met on many occasions. Especially when she went to my place of work, to my car dealership to buy her BMW, she had to deal with another adviser. My mother had also already met her since she came to treat patients who live in her street”, reported the newlywed.

We crossed paths, that’s for sure! But without paying attention to each other. I think if we had talked to each other that day, four years ago, maybe it wouldn’t have worked“, estimated Pauline.

Pauline and Damien had already tried their luck in MAPR

They were meant to meet. Pauline and Damien had already tried to be among the candidates for Married at First Sight to find true love. But their profile had not caught the attention of the experts. Damien had first tried his luck in 2020.

I signed up when season 4 aired in 2020 on M6, I followed all the casting protocol but the production did not find me a woman sufficiently compatible to set up a meeting and a marriage. I relaunched the show’s teams a year later and, at the same time, my father had taken the initiative to sign me up without telling me.“, he confided in the columns of TVMagazine.

As for Pauline, the young nurse had already presented itself to the cast of season 5. I didn’t expect it at all. My profile has been rescued from the cast of season 5!”, reported the candidate.

Pauline and Damien, 23% incompatible? Their “differences”

Over the weeks, the mutual love at first sight between Pauline and Damien was confirmed. But back to normal life, the lovebirds learned more about each other. The opportunity to also discover the 23% incompatibility…

We still discovered a lot of differences especially at the level of certain tastes. We can’t watch TV together because we don’t like the same programs. At least in cinema, I like action and horror movies whereas Pauline doesn’t. She loves living with pets, she has three cats, whereas, even if I love animals, I have never had one. And I am an extremely orderly person, whereas Pauline is much more measured“, Damien blurted out.

For her part, Pauline confirms. “We don’t watch the same series: Damien will like Marvel, science fiction, etc. more. All that, I hate! I prefer series like Le Cartel, Spanish or Mexican productions.”, she retorted.

Pauline and Damien: “a baby project” and “starting a family”

Now free to live their love in broad daylight, Pauline and Damien can focus on their future. And the young couple is overflowing with plans. “Our first project is the purchase of a joint house”, says Damien. And to add: “And there is a baby project…”.

On this point, there is no disagreement. Pauline is in tune with her husband. “Our first desire is to find a home, a shared accommodation. And the logical consequence of our marriage is to start a family. Without any pressure from our loved ones, we have the common desire to have children“, specified Pauline.

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