Lightyear is ready to produce the 0, the first solar car!

The first copies of the Dutch car will leave the production lines this year! The first customers to have opted for this vehicle, which is recharged in particular using solar panels, should be delivered in November.

No, this is not a crazy concept or project of a new brand, it is now possible to buy an electric car powered by solar energy! Well, not entirely. It took no less than 6 years for Lightyear to develop its “One” which became “0” when it was built in series. And it promises real prowess in terms of consumption and autonomy!

A beautiful baby

You should know that the “0” is far from being a small car. It is indeed 5 m long! But despite its size, it is surprisingly light at only 1,575 kg on the scale. Lightyear has also worked hard on its aerodynamics to achieve a Cd of 0.19! Result, the manufacturer announces consumption of only 10.5 kWh/100 km when launched at 110 km/h. What hope to ride for a long, very long time…

Small battery, but great autonomy!

Who says low weight, says small battery. The latter measures only 60 kWh. But thanks to all the elements mentioned above, it still allows him to claim a WLTP range of 625 km! It must be said that, when the weather permits, the 5 square meters of solar panels can regain up to 70 km per day! If we don’t drive too much, it would therefore be possible to drive for free without ever recharging!

Not given … For now

What is not free, however, is the car, it is even very far from being free! The Lightyear 0 is ready for production, yes, but for a price starting at €250,000! Interested ? The first copies will be delivered from November. But this solar technology should soon be much more accessible. The manufacturer recently announced that a second model at €30,000 will enrich its range in 3 years.

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