Letizia from Spain is a fan of this cult French label

Letizia from Spain attended a presentation on skin cancer in Madrid on June 13, 2022. For the occasion, she wore a super trendy little summer dress signed by an iconic French label.

Always one step ahead, Letizia from Spain has adopted the perfect look for summer! And in addition to being the most stylish queen on the continent, she is also very committed to different causes, such as the fight against cancer. On June 13, 2022, she went to a medical school in Madrid to attend the presentation of the Skin cancer white paperpublished by the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology.

Letizia from Spain during the presentation of the White Paper on Skin Cancer in Madrid on June 13, 2022 © Andrews Archie/ABACA

To approach this sunny day, Letizia Ortiz had found the ideal outfit! She had put on a green dress with a floral pattern and a midi cut that lit up her tanned complexion. And it’s not the first time she wore it! The Queen of Spain had already worn this asymmetrical piece in 2019. This time, to accessorize this summer piece signed by the French label Maje, the Iberian fashionista opted for a pair of cream-colored pumps and a purple crocodile-embossed clutch. With this super trendy look, Letizia from Spain has it all!

Queen of Spain, Letizia Ortiz is also a true queen of style. In each of her appearances, she wows the gallery with elegant outfits that everyone can copy. If she particularly appreciates the luxury house Carolina Herrera, she also likes the creations of the two Iberian brands that reign over fast fashion, Zara and Mango. Decryption with a royal look.

Before being crowned Queen of Spain, Letizia Ortiz was a television journalist. She then wore a classic stylecomposed on the air of very conventional tailors who still constitute his royal wardrobe.

Letizia from Spain in her wedding dress © Pressens Bild/ABACA

What are the secrets of her wedding dress?

On May 22, 2004, Letizia from Spain said “Yes” to King Felipe VI. On D-Day, she opted for a white dress (obviously), designed by the Spanish designer Pertegaz Manual. Slightly kimono sleeves, an Elizabethan collar and discreet embroidery: the piece did not fail to cause a sensation in the press. But it was revealed, in an article published in 2020 in El País that it was a bit difficult to carry, especially because of its weight and its four-meter-long train. As for her wedding ring, she rarely wears it: rumors say that the jewelry would hurt her fingers.


Midi dresses close-fitting, floral blouses, long vaporous skirts: the most elegant crowned head of the elite chained outfits that were both sober and chic, not without a certain taste for accessories. Queen, she selects for the royal evenings XXL prom dressesfavoring black.

Timeless, the dresses of Letizia of Spain do not take wrinkles with the years. This is particularly the case with a piece by Felipe Varela, worn during a gala in honor of the Crown Prince of Japan, which was seen at the wedding of Victoria of Sweden, in 2010. In May 2022, c It’s a Carolina Herrera dress that she takes out of her dressing room: she had already worn it in 2019 to receive the Spanish basketball champions at the Zarzuela Palace. At almost 50 years old, she proves that carefully chosen pieces can be kept for several seasonsif not several years.

What do her favorite casual looks look like?

Mango, Massimo Dutti, Zara, Sandro or even Uterqüe… Letizia from Spain does not hesitate to turn to brands at low prices for her everyday outfits. Very often in long dresses, which reveal the shoulders or not, she sometimes opts for jumpsuits which emphasize her waist and slender her silhouette – she is 1m70 tall. On the feet, she easily swaps her stiletto heels for wedge espadrilles in summeror boots in winter.

Letizia from Spain in a Cayro dress on May 10, 2022 in Valencia © GTres/ABACA

To sport the same look as the Queen of Spain, nothing could be simpler. Indeed, it is rather common to see her wearing affordable brands. On May 10, 2022, for example, she appeared on World Day for Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies wearing an ultra-fluid fuchsia dress from Cayro. His price ? €61.90 (yes, only!).

The magic formula of her elegant outfits is based on three essential commandments. Primo: the bright colors you will not neglect. Often absent from classic wardrobes, these shades can be worn as a total look as well as in small touches – with accessories for example. Second: the earrings you won’t forget. In gold, silver, fine or more imposing, these jewels highlight the face and add to any outfit that “je ne sais quoi” that marks the look. Third: the brands you will mix. Affordable, with a handful of high-end: sometimes it doesn’t take much to be chic.

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