End of thermal in 2035: Stellantis slams the door of European manufacturers

Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis, has decided to take the group out of ACEA, which represents European manufacturers. A meaningful decision in the current context.

If it had been anticipated for many months, the decision of the European Union to formally ban the sale of thermal cars from 2035 has largely marked the automotive news in recent weeks. Some welcome this political action aimed at reduce CO2 emissions in Europewhen others worry about consequences for the automotive sector and consumers.

The thermal ban in 2035 at the heart of disagreements

Logically, manufacturers are the first affected by this measure. If a certain number have already announced that they want to switch to 100% electric according to their own timetable before 2035, it will necessarily be more difficult for generalists. ACEA, the Association of European Automobile Manufacturers, is on the front line. Founded in 1991, ACEA brings together 16 manufacturers. All the big names in the car industry in Europe, whether they are European or simply sell a large number of cars here: the Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes, Renault, Stellantis, Hyundai, Toyota, Ford groups, etc. .

Stellantis goes it alone, ACEA weakened

A strike force which obviously will not have been enough to win the case in Europe. And Stellantis, one of the biggest bands in the world, decided to slam the door. Its CEO, Carlos Tavares, announced it in a recent press release:

The environmental challenges that await us, as well as a rapidly changing market, require a 360°, efficient, global approach that includes all issues. It must bring together all those who wish to contribute to the construction of sustainable mobility (…). Stellantis will leave ACEA by the end of the year. »

Behind this very corporate language, it is difficult to understand what Stellantis criticizes ACEA for. This decision is probably the result ofdissatisfaction in negotiations with Europe. We know, for example, that Stellantis is one of the most backward groups in terms of electricity, but that it has announced an ambitious plan for rapid electrification. All this, despite Carlos Tavares’ historical reluctance to embark on 100% electric.

“Freedom of Mobility Forum”, between lobby and discussion group

Through this press release, however, we can perceive the will of Stellantis to leave a group made up only of manufacturers. L’announced objective is to open the discussion with all the actors affected by the electrical transition. Stellantis also announces the creation of the “Freedom of Mobility Forum”, which will have to fulfill this objective. It remains to be seen whether this forum will be able to accommodate other manufacturers, or allow Stellantis to continue to influence European decisions on the car.

A blow for ACEA, which is here deprived of a gigantic group bringing together many European brands. Fiat was one of the founding members of the association, even if Peugeot and the other brands of the group were absent at the beginning of ACEA.

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