Yuzu, the citrus fruit with superpowers

In just a few years, yuzu has established itself as the trendy fruit par excellence. Widely acclaimed by chefs for its unique taste, this small citrus fruit coming straight from Asia also and above all has many virtues for health and for the skin.

A citrus fruit like no other

It is often called the Japanese lemon. In fact, the yuzu originated in China and was imported to Japan, where it was widely developed and gained notoriety, before arriving in the United States and Europe in the xxe century. This small, round, yellow citrus fruit, which belongs to the rutaceae family, is located at the crossroads of Citrus ichangensis and wild mandarin. Its taste is characterized by a well-marked acidity. In cooking, as in baking, yuzu has become an ingredient highly prized by chefs, who include it in their recipes to bring freshness and pep. It can be used very easily to pimp a ceviche, a shrimp dish, madeleines or éclairs for example.

Beyond its taste, yuzu provides many health benefits. Very low in calories, it is rich in antioxidant vitamin C and vitamin A. Properties that make it a valuable ally for health, but also for the skin.

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The benefits of yuzu at the service of the skin

Yuzu is particularly interesting in cosmetics. Like many citrus fruits, its recognized astringent side helps regulate sebum production, an asset for combination or oily skin. Yuzu is also known to help reduce shine and tighten pores, it protects the skin from free radicals responsible for skin aging. In addition, its proven content of organic acids gives it a refreshing and toning effect.

Properties that inspired Clean’Yuzu by SO’BiO étic®, the face care line specially formulated for oily skin prone to imperfections. His secret? The exclusive combination of purifying organic yuzu and sebum-regulating PCA zinc that effectively fights blackheads, pimples and excess sebum. The range includes a complete routine of four anti-blemish treatments covering all the needs to purify the skin and reduce blemishes: a moisturizing gel-cream, a cleansing gel, an exfoliating gel, and a purifying charcoal mask.

Clean’Yuzu thus offers a complete routine with fresh, sensory, energizing textures and proven efficacy. From the first week, marks and imperfections are visibly reduced, pores are tightened and the skin is clearer, mattified and radiantly beautiful.

In & Out beauty routine: Yuzu, the citrus fruit with superpowers

They did it: prepare a yuzu detox juice while applying a yuzu anti-imperfection moisturizing gel-cream. Check out the video!

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