Volkswagen Amarok: here is its new vertical touch screen

The German brand continues its campaign of teasers on the future Volkswagen Amarok, and reveals a first image of its vertical touch screen.

In recent months, Volkswagen has been disseminating information about its new models, before their official presentation. These teaser photos and illustrations allow us to get a better idea of ​​the model, and give us a taste of what the brand’s future models will be.

After having presented the interior and exterior style to us and even the LED headlights of the future Volkswagen Amarokhere are more details on the design of the trunk as well as the touch screen of the second generation of the German pick-up, which will share its design with the new Ford Ranger.

Volkswagen Amarok: a vertical touch screen

Placed in the center of the dashboard, thetouchscreen of the future Volkswagen Amarok will adopt a vertical format, which will provide better visibility of the various controls of the brand’s infotainment system. It is completed in the lower part by a series of 5 push buttons and a rotary button, allowing direct access to certain functions.

From a diagonal going 10 to 12 inchesthis touch screen will notably allow you to configure the 30 driving assistance systems, including 20 new to the model, but also the We Connect GPS navigation system, the air conditioning settings, the infotainment system, the assistants at the parking or even the premium audio system.

Volkswagen Amarok: an assertive personality

In addition to its muscular exterior style, the future Amarok will be distinguished by an assertive personality, which can be found in particular at the rear with its tailgate, surrounded by a distinctive light signature and featuring the “Amarok” signature engraved over its entire width. The “Amarok” name will also appear on the front of the vehicle, on certain finishes.

Depending on the model and specifications, the new Amarok’s cargo bed will be able to accommodate up to 1.2 ton of loading volume. Variants of engines as well as additional gearboxes will make it possible to offer a maximum towed load of 3.5 tons.

Volkswagen Amarok: see you on July 7, 2022

The presentation of the second generation of the Volkswagen Amarok is still awaited for the July 7, 2022while its marketing will take place from the end of 2022. Since its launch in 2010, the model has been sold at more than 830,000 copies.

The future Amarok will be offered in a “DoubleCab” version (double cab and four doors), but also, on certain markets, in a “SingleCab” version (single cab and two doors). It will borrow the mechanics of its cousin Ford Ranger, including its V6 Diesel engine as well as its 100% electric version, the latter to be launched later.

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