There are fewer and fewer used cars for sale

While the new market is collapsing, used car inventories are also shrinking. We explain the reason to you.

Today, we can’t really say that changing cars is a real cakewalk. Because with all the current constraints, it is increasingly difficult to find an affordable vehicle, which is not subject to too high an ecological penalty and which is not subject to traffic bans. In new construction, we also have to deal with extended delivery times, due to the semiconductor crisis. In this context, it is therefore not really surprising that motorists are turning to second-hand cars. However, this market is also down, and for a completely different reason this time around. Indeed, according to a recent study conducted among professionals, inventory would be too low.

Very low stocks

And for good reason, last May, only 450,000 used cars less than seven years old were available for sale at professionals. A very low figure, which therefore does not take into account vehicles sold by individuals, which are difficult to quantify. It also does not concern cars over 7 years old, which meet with less success anyway, because of their too advanced age. Established by the barometer autobizthis figure is then down 6.2% compared to April, reaching a level as low as in October 2020.

Many reasons

In reality, there are several things that explain this situation. First of all, the very strong demand, due to the difficulties in buying a new car. Not to mention the obligation for all those living in an EPZ to buy a car with a Crit’Air 1 thumbnailthus encouraging the French to change their car and look on the side of the occasion, the new being far too expensive for many households.

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