Madonna: guess who embodies the pop-star in her self-directed biopic!

If she has always refused that producers – who are more men – produce feature films about her life, Madonna has not completely refuted the idea. As long as she’s in charge. For a few years now, the pop-star has been working on her own biopic. Because you are never better served than by yourself! And if the rumors went well for a few months as to the identity of the main actress, the castings seem to be finally over. Julia Garner should therefore soon embody the interpreter of “Like a Virgin” on the big screen.

Rumors have been circulating for several months now, but the veil finally seems to be lifted on Madonna biopic directed by the 63-year-old singer herself. After several drastic casting phases, the pop-star would have finally chosen the one who will soon take her place in the cinema. According to the American magazine variety, she would have finally chosen the actress of 28 years Julia Garner after having confronted her with twelve other candidates, including Alexa Demie, seen in EuphoriaFlorence Pugh (Midsommar) and singers Sky Ferreira and Bebe Rexha. always according to varietythe icon of the 1980s would have been very demanding and would have even imposed on the contenders to participate “to a training camp including dance and singing tests”.

A biopic entirely orchestrated by Madonna

Obviously, does not embody Madonna who wants! Especially since the star has been working on this project for a few years now. And that’she turned down many autobiographical film projects. The latest? A film signed Elyse Hollander produced by Universal Pictures which should have been called Blond Ambitionin reference to one of Madonna’s most spectacular world tours, and see the light of day in 2017. But the one who has already had success in the cinema, in particular by winning the Golden Globe for best actress in 1997 for Avoid by Alan Parker, fiercely opposed its theatrical release. Since then, she has taken over the reins of this project, always alongside Universal Pictures. She will therefore be the main director. and this is not his first attempt. Indeed, she has already been at the helm of two feature films including WE: Wallis & Edouard, released in 2011, which won him the Golden Globes for Best Original Song. She will also be accompanied by a co-director, Diablo Cody, to whom we owe in particular Juno released in 2008, and the producer Amy Pascal who notably participated in the last part of the saga Spiderman.

Julia Garner, star of Netflix, in the skin of Madonna!

Under the spotlight sinceshe played the most famous hustler, we named Anna Delvey, in the hit Netflix series inventing Anna, Julia Garner therefore seems to have won the heart of the one who has accumulated no less than 40 years of career. Besides, variety the announcement in its columns “Julia Garner’s team is studying the offer and should accept it”. The actress, who also received two Emmys for her role as Ruth in the Netflix series ozark could therefore give a whole new impetus to his career after having known success above all thanks to the streaming platform at N rouge.

Music, backdrop to Madonna’s biopic

For now, no release date has been set yet, and we do not know either the title of the biopic directed by Madonna. Moreover, according to the latest information, the shooting has not even been announced yet! One thing is certain, the film should retrace the crazy career of the woman with 150 musical awards, from its chaotic beginnings to its meteoric rise. All in music (but we suspected a little…). In a press release posted on her own site in 2020, the Material Girl wrote: “The main subject of the film will always be music. Music has kept me going and art has kept me alive. There are so many inspiring stories that have never been told, and that better than me to share them? It’s essential to come back on the roller coaster that is my life with my voice and my vision”. Sayings that she confirmed a few months later, in 2021, on the set of Jimmy Fallon. She said then that she preferred to describe her project as “a visual biography” rather than as a biopic. The sequel to the next episode then.

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