Lilibet: from her grandmother to her brother Archie, Harry and Meghan's daughter melts everyone!

While they have just returned to American soil, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and their two children, Archie and Lilibet, are still in the spotlight. And for good reason, their youngest, who bears a first name in homage to her paternal great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, blew her first candle on her father’s native land. In the company of her Majesty please!

After leaving Britain for California in 2020, Prince Harry returned to the fold on the occasion of the Platinum Jubilee of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, which took place from June 2nd to 5th. Accompanied by his wife, the American Meghan Markle, and their two children, Archie and Lilibet, he took the opportunity to make the presentations. Because his youngest, Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor, who looks like her like two drops of waterhad never met his great-grandmother or even his grandfather, Prince Charles.

Lilibet-Elisabeth II: a summit meeting

The opportunity was too good to miss. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex therefore presented their daughter, who is the first of the clan to be born in the United States, to her great-grandmother. at her very first birthday party which took place in London on the sidelines of Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee. Queen to whom Lilibet Diana owes part of her first name. “These moments with Lilibet and the Queen are very private and we know how much she was looking forward to it happening”said Omid Scobie, a journalist close to the royal couple at the BBC. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry also took advantage of this lovely moment to reveal an adorable snapshot of their daughter. The photo, which was taken by Misan Harriman, a photographer and friend of the Sussex clan, allows in particular to realize his great physical resemblance to his older brother Archienow 3 years old.

Lilibet and Archie: children who “get along wonderfully”

A big brother that she cannot, according to their prince of father, not help but follow since she took her first steps. Indeed, in an interview given to the magazine People in April 2022, Prince Harry confided that his little girl had only one thing in mind: “follow his energetic big brother, who runs everywhere”. A confession which seems to confirm the statements of the BBC which recently wrote in its columns that the two children “get along wonderfully”.

A strong sibling relationship also mentioned by the site US Weekly who claims that the Sussexes’ eldest son “adore” his sister, him “give lots of kisses” and shows up “kind and affectionate” to his sister since birth. According to a source close to the couple who would have confided in CloserWeekly, Archie would even “complete fan” of the little princess. This supports the official version of Meghan Markle. In a rare interview given in November 2021 to Ellen DeGeneres in the Ellen Showthe wife of prince Harry had in fact confided that his son “loved being a big brother”.

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