Jaguar Land Rover is revolutionizing GPS addresses with what3words

Jaguar Land Rover is teaming up with what3words, the app that has divided the world map into 57 billion trillion three by three meter squares. No matter where you are, you’ll never be lost again!

Jaguar Land Rover incorporates a simple new method to precisely find any address in the world. Only three words will suffice.

Thanks to a remote update, Jaguar Land Rover becomes the first car manufacturer in the world to integrate this new location technology in vehicles already in circulation. The technology of what3words This will allow drivers to find an exact address, even in the most remote places in the world.

How it works ?

Concretely, with this new technology, it is no longer necessary to know a complete address including a street name, a number, a postal code, a city, a region or even a country. All you need to do is know the 3 words associated with a specific location and enter them into the car’s navigation system.

This is made possible because the what3words company has gridded the entire earth into 3 meter by 3 meter squares. Each of these squares was named on the basis of 3 words in a precise order which are therefore easily memorized and easy to encode. For example, a very specific address could thus be summarized as: “skate.spaced.eruptive”. This set of words thus refers to a specific place in the town of Gador in Spain.

Simplified GPS coordinates

Another example communicated by the brand, sonic.relates.stem (sonique.rapporte.tige in French) thus refers to a very specific square located in the state of Nevada in the United States. As it happens, it is a ravine that would be very difficult to locate by a classic address. For very precise positioning, one could also use geographic coordinates, such as 39.97269, -118.60737. But the system comprising simply three names is easier to remember.

Medical use

Jaguar Land Rover and what3words work together since 2018. That’s when they created addresses what3words to help improve healthcare delivery on the Isle of Mull in Scotland. In 2018, Land Rover sent a team of experienced volunteers there to deliver unique three-word address plaques from what3words to 2,000 properties on the island, many of which were in remote areas.

Since then, when in need of emergency medical help, the islanders sum up their address in three words. What3words’ precise three-word address technology can help save lives by improving the speed and accuracy of medical response.

The what3words integrated system is available on all new and existing Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles that are fitted with the Pivi Pro infotainment system.​ ​ ​ ​

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