In what cases can a car go to the pound?

Are you worried that your car will one day be impounded? Find out when this can actually happen to you.

Seeing our car go to the pound is a bit of an obsession for all of us, us motorists. However, if you park correctly, in a real place, there is still little risk of this happening. Indeed, impounding a vehicle is not done like that, on a whim. Firstly, this decision can only be taken by certain sworn persons: a judicial police officer or a policeman deputy, the mayor or the Prefect of police in the event of a violation of the protection of classified sites and landscapes, as recalled on the government site. But it happens that you have committed an offense that requires a kidnapping. Find out when this can happen.

What are the grounds for impoundment?

– Dangerous, awkward or abusive stopping or parking
– Failure to respect the rules on the motorway if the driver is absent or refuses to put an end to the infringement
– Vehicle obstructing or impeding traffic
– Non-compliance with obligations related to technical control
– Failure to comply with the rules for safeguarding the aesthetics of classified sites and landscapes
– Failure to respect traffic rules in natural sites
– Abandoned vehicle in a public or private place
– End of life vehicle (wreck)
– Abandoned vehicle in a forest subject to the forest regime
– Offense that may lead to the confiscation of the vehicle (driving the vehicle despite the notification: Formality by which a procedural act or a decision is brought to the attention of a person of an administrative suspension decision)
Driving without a driver’s license
– Driving under the influence of narcotics
– Perpetrator of an offense who cannot prove a domicile, a job in France or a surety
– Perpetrator of an offense who has not paid his fixed fine: Amount to be paid within a specific time limit following certain offenses relating in particular to road traffic and without going through a court. The amount may be reduced or increased depending on the date of payment. within 4 months and cannot prove a domicile in France

A non-exhaustive list

Note that this is a non-exhaustive list of the different offenses that can drive your car to the impound lot. Be aware, however, that in addition to the kidnapping, you will incur different more or less significant penalties, due to the type of offense and offense. The penalty will obviously not be the same if you have simply parked badly or if you are driving in a state of obvious intoxication.

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