In trying to save a jet-ski, a Porsche ends up in the water

In Hendaye, a man had a bad surprise when he saw his superb Porsche car sink into the water. It all happened on June 6th. The owner of the Porsche was backing up the harbor slope, but unfortunately the car skidded and slid and it ended up completely submerged.

Small incidents spare no one. Between uncontrollable vehicles, driver distraction, the road has surprises in store for us…not always good…! Such is the case of this driver who wanted to do well by taking his jet-ski out of the water. This joint action did not go as planned!

What really happened?

In the Pyrenees Atlantiques, in Hendaye. A jet ski ended up underwater, completely submerged. To save it, its owner had to think of a quick fix. he goes tow his jet-ski out of the water with his car. But it’s a Porsche! No choice ! First of all, you have to save your jet-ski! He takes the wheel of his car and begins the maneuvers. But as he backed up the harbor slope, the Porsche couldn’t resist. The algae made the operation impossible! The driver tried his best…in vain. The Porsche could not move forward.

No chance !

To his great despair, the unfortunate had no choice but to see his Porsche drown little by little in the water. Eh yes ! It doesn’t just happen in movie scripts. Apparently, this is neither the first nor the last car plunging into the water in Hendaye. The mayor of the city, Kotte Ecenarro affirms “It is not the first time that this happens, alas”. Indeed, this area is not spared from incidents of this kind! At the beginning of January, a woman drowned on this beach, but was saved by 3 young surfers, all aged 11 to 13!

Call a professional

The best thing to do would have been to wait for help to arrive. A professional diver was called to get the Porsche out of the water as quickly as possible.. His role was to extract the car from the water and bring it back to earth. He succeeded but the car and… the jet-ski are damaged! In short, the chances of getting out a car or a jet ski alone in such a situation are minimal. The holidays are coming. Be careful when walking along the seaside.

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