He tests his future Ferrari California and... loses his license in the process!

On Sunday May 29, 2022, a Luxembourger wanted to buy a superb sports car: a Ferrari California. So, wanting to try it, he drove at high speed on departmental road 15. Unfortunately, the experience did not last long; his driver’s license was confiscated!

Did you know that every year, a million Europeans are flashed by French radars? Among this figure, Luxembourgers are among the most noticed drivers in France. That said, the majority of offenses are more or less minimal!

A driver intercepted during a test with a car that is not yet his!

Sunday May 29, a driver in his fifties who intended to afford a Ferrari California goes to a Ferrari dealership. To get a taste of the vehicle, the 50-year-old asks to try the car… All in all logical! Rather than being careful with a car that doesn’t belong to him yet, he had a very heavy foot on the accelerator. The 50-year-old gets caught on radar during a “small” acceleration “on the departmental road 15 in Jouy-le-Potier. While the maximum speed is limited to 80 km/h on this axis, it was driving at 142 km/h. The gendarmes set off in pursuit and ended up by intercepting it.

Luxembourg license suspended in France? Eh yes !

The arrested driver is a “young” French resident and fortunately for him, his Luxembourg license has not yet been exchanged for a French license. He therefore does not have a points license. But given the extent of the offense, he was fined immediately and had his license revoked. As required by law, the driver must have a driving license depending on his country of residence. If that had been the case for this Luxembourger, a French resident, he would have to undergo training to recover his sesame. Such an excess of 60 km / h for the French leads to several sanctions. In addition to license suspension which could last up to three years, the national also incurs a fine of €1,500 and a road safety awareness course.

Learn to drive a Ferrari

Some technical data… Thanks to its 460 horsepower, the beautiful Ferrari California can go from 0 to 100 km/h in 3 seconds and reach a maximum speed of 316 km/h. This car is not for everyone; it requires a certain mastery. Fortunately, various solutions are offered to new owners of “cars”, such as driving courses with your own vehicle. You can also train on a circuit during track-days organized by luxury brands or simply join a training center specializing in supercar driving… Ride yes! and driving well is better!

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