A lithium plant is due to open in Alsace in 2025

The Alsatian company Viridian Lithium will build the first French lithium production plant for the manufacture of batteries.

Electric cars are booming, and to limit their dependence on foreign companies as well as the effects of component shortages on production, car manufacturers and suppliers are investing in the manufacture of batteries for electric cars as well as raw materials, in France and in Europe.

This is the case of the French industrial company Viridian Lithiumwhich has just announced the launch of its project to build the first French lithium production plant for batteries.

Viridian Lithium: 2 million electric vehicles per year

It’s at Lauterbourgnear the German border in the Bas-Rhin (Great East), that Viridian Lithium will set up its industrial site, which will benefit from direct tri-modal access (port, rail and road) located along the Rhine.

The future plant, which will extend over 20 hectares, will allow the production of lithium with a final capacity of 100,000 tons per year. This will make it possible to fully meet the demand for lithium production to equip no less than 2 million electric vehicles per year.

Viridian Lithium: up to 600 jobs created

The Grand Est region is a strategic location for the automotive industry, located at the heart of centers of excellence in materials chemistry and physics. This plant will thus enable Viridian Lithium to participate in the development of supply chains for the production of electric vehicles.

During the construction phases of the production lines in Alsace, Viridian Lithium will have the opportunity to create up to 250 direct jobs, and 600 indirect jobs. The Strasbourg-based company aims to produce battery-grade lithium with thelowest carbon intensity in the worldwhich will allow European manufacturers to meet the carbon neutrality objectives of the Old Continent.

Viridian Lithium: prestigious partners

For this, Viridian Lithium will focus on the refining and conversion of low-carbon lithium salts, with an innovative follow-up of chemical purification and conversion processes.

To carry out this project, Viridian Lithium has partnered with several strategic companies, such as Technip Energies for their expertise in engineering and management of industrial projects, Veolia Water Technologies to validate the process engineering, as well as the CEA Liten for performing lithium hydroxide performance tests on Lithium-ion batteries.

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