What solutions to reinforce the suspensions of the motorhome?

What equipment improves the road holding of your motorhome? Here are some mechanical reinforcements to install on your vehicle!

If you own a motorhome that has pendant lights a bit light, several solutions are available to you. Depending on your budget, there are fairly simple ways to improve road holding. Obviously, with a larger budget, even more successful solutions are accessible, such as full air suspension for example.

Motorhome front wheels

If you have a front axle sag, these solutions are suitable for you. Once the replacement of the original spring by a reinforced model, your vehicle will regain both a little height but also flexibility.

Thanks to these new springs, the roughness of the road is better absorbed and there will immediately be less vibration in the steering wheel.

You can find them on the following sites: car support, SOS Suspension, GTV-VAN, MAD, VB-Airsuspension or JSA suspensions.

Regarding the rates, they usually start from 500 € for the strut spring and 300 € for the spring inserts. Finally, the wheel spacers, which provide better seating for the front axle by moving the wheels away from the bodywork are accessible for a little less 290 €.

Motorhome rear wheels

Conversely, if you have rear suspension who tire, here are some solutions available to you.

The simplest system consists in placing a barrel spring in the location of the stopper. Thus, the rear suspension of your motorhome regains a little travel and driving comfort is immediately improved.

You will find this equipment at the same brands mentioned above. Finally, if the rear leaf springs no longer have enough travel, they can be reinforced with an additional element or even completely replace the original shock absorbers.

The barrel springs start from 500 € on average, as leaf springs. the replacement of the thrust bearing of origin drops just below the 480 € while the shock absorber change requires to spend at least €800 or even €900.

Rear pneumatic reinforcements

In terms of tires, you can also improve the system already in place on your motorhome. These reinforcements, with or without compressors (respectively found from 1000 € Where 500 € in the second case), are fitted in place of the original stops. They make it possible to improve travel at the level of the leaf springs.

They also improve load balance on the rear axle. These pneumatic reinforcements can be inflated either directly on the cushion, or else via a control panel from the driving position.

Full air suspension

For those who want the best system, full air suspension is the best choice.

In addition to excellent road comfort, with perfect load balancing between the front and rear axles, the full air suspension can be combined with a leveling function to be level during your various stops at the stage.

Such a system starts from €6,895. See this solution for example at VBAir Suspension.

Source : The motorhome world

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