Thierry Lhermitte: his daughter is a singer!  Who is she ?

You can be a child of the ball and prefer dim light. This is what seems to prefer the daughter of Thierry Lhermitte. Discreetly, in her own way, the young woman is making a name for herself in music, and there is no question of taking advantage of the spotlight of her famous surname: the singer advances masked. Focus on an artist with raw talent.

A hypnotic grain of voice, notes that last and whisper to each other, always on the verge of breaking. His universe is resolutely folk, willingly draws his inspiration from Joni Mitchell or Leonard Cohen revisits the best of the music of the 1970s with a poetry in tune with the times. Louise Lhermitte is the youngest of actor Thierry Lhermittebut it is under the pseudonym Lonny that you can discover it. Lonny, inspired by the English word “alone” which means alone. Because as she confides, Louise feeds on this melancholy.

Lonny, Thierry Lhermitte’s daughter: “Melancholy allowed me to create beauty”

Interviewed for the release of her first album in January 2022 called ex votothe young woman born in 1993 confided frankly to the site L’EssentiART: “Loneliness challenges me, questions me, is linked to creation”, she says, before continuing.. “Melancholy also allowed me to create beauty and heal myself when I was not well.. I’m not afraid of it.“Not afraid of loneliness, not afraid of paradoxes either as her friends have fun, Louise alias Lonny is the UFO of the current music scene.

Lonny, Thierry Lhermitte’s daughter took up the viola at the age of 7

Far from the glitter, cult replicas of tanned, from the sweet madness of the Splendid troupe, Lonny makes his suave, soft and calm voice heard, which sings his poetic texts. A music like introspection, in search of the best of oneself, asking questions without ever answering them. Is it in the great outdoors where she was born that she drew this penchant for spleen? “I was born in the mountains and I grew up in Parisshe tells the site In your B-side. I got into music enough, around 7 years old, and I started with the viola with which I have lived for 20 years now..”

Lonny, very close to his father Thierry Lhermitte

The youngest of her siblings (her older sister Astrée, artist-painter was born in 1975, and her older brother Victor, a restaurateur in Montreal was born in 1979), little Louise, born in the early 1990s, has a special relationship with her dad actor. “When my children were very young, I toured so much that I didn’t see them much”he confided to Paris Match.

Since then, the actor has been able to catch up, as he explained to Current wife. “I am close to my three children. In general, it gets a little hot in adolescence and we meet later.“Clarifying however:”Except with my youngest daughter, with whom I have always been very close. I was not the same father for the three.”

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